HelpDesk Source Codes

If you decide to buy the source-codes version of our helpdesk, here's what you need to know.

Helpdesk Sources basics

Jitbit Helpdesk is an ASP.NET Core 6 MVC application written in C#, the database engine being used is MS SQL Server. So you'll need a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later to run it (free "Express" editions are totally fine). You will also need a copy of Visual Studio 2017 or later (free editions are fine) to be able to work with the source codes since the help desk "sources" license ship as a Visual Studio solution.

You will get the entire source codes and you will be able to make any changes you like. To install the updates you will have to merge our latest files with your changes yourself.

Ticket operations

Most of the business logic of the app relies in the "BusinessLayer" namespace (in the "BusinessLayer" folder). You can find classes for working with tickets (creating new tickets, adding notes, attaching files etc), with users, sending and receiving emails etc. in that folder/namespace.

Some of the logic is kept in the "Models" folder, this is where the MVC "models" live. The MVC controllers are in the "Controllers" folder. Nothing new, this is a standard setup for an ASP.NET MVC app.

Helpdesk helper classes

All helpers are contained in the "Jitbit.Utils" namespace. This is our library with reusable helpers that we share among our different projects. You can find a lot of utilities for working with strings, with Active Directory, database, HTML and BBCode parsing, sending support-emails, filtering support-emails from spam, exception-handling, logging etc. etc. Typically you won't have to change anything in that folder

Helpdesk's ORM

FYI: we use the "Dapper.NET" micro-ORM, the same ORM-engine that powers It's open-source, really easy to use and incredibly fast. Dapper basically extends the "SqlConnection" object with the "Query" and "Execute" methods, but you can learn more about it here if you wish.

But sometimes we do not use any object-relational mapping at all, instead we just execute queries against the database by hand. This is intentional, to keep the code readable, simple and fast.

We are really trying to keep the sources simple, readable and well commented to make your programming life easier.

"Am I allowed to modify the source codes?"

We get a lot of questions like that. Yes, you can modify the source codes in any way you want. You're just not allowed to resell/redistribute your derivative works or the original helpdesk app.

"How do I merge my changes with yours?"

Whenever we release a new version of the helpdesk software, you might want to migrate the changes you have made to source codes - into the newly released version. We recommend simply using a diff/merge tool for that, something similar to Winmerge for example.

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