Help Desk Software For Facilities Management

Facility management is a multidisciplinary and competitive field that encompasses many of the most demanding tasks a manager can face. In addition to operations involving human resources, it also involves strategy and logistics regarding facility safety, infrastructure management, asset allocation, and other critical services. Since facilities range from office complexes and hotels, to schools and hospitals, it is mandatory that the help desk software for facilities management be inexpensive, flexible, and tailored to each facility’s unique needs.

Jitbit provides help desk software, but doesn’t stop there. For instance, help desk support is charged as a flat rate, not per agent. Email services can be hosted either locally, or Jitbit can host them. Free extras include asset tracking, and attaching screenshots and documents to help tickets. And because it’s web-based, the software can be inserted into a company’s website with just a little bit of code. There is even a free trial version that has no expiration.

Jitbit also comes with a basic asset management module. You can save all your tangible or non-tangible assets and keep tabs on them: assign them to users and support tickets, search through them and add custom fields.

Other features include security, seamless integration with a company’s current Active Directory, and multi-lingual adaptation.

Jitbit understands that managers must constantly integrate new innovations. Why not use the Jitbit help desk software for facilities management, and reduce the stress?

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