GitLab Integration

GitLab is a complete DevOps platform. It's a hosted code repository, issue and bug tracker, CI/CD platform and so much more - all in one app. On top of that, it is also open source.

Jitbit integrates with GitLab seamlessly. Here is how to do it:

Setting up the GitLab integration

In your Jitbit app go to the admin panel - Integrations and find GitLab.

Girlab integration 1

Click "Enable Gitlab integration". Now you will need to get a personal access token for the repository you want to integrate with. This manual describes how to create a personal token in detail. Make sure that when you create the token you grant it "API" permissions in the "Scopes" section.

Gitlab Integration 2

After you save the integration settings you are all set.

How to use the GitLab integration

In each support ticket in Jitbit you now have a "Create Issue in GitLab" button. The button is located in the right sidebar.

Gitlab Integration 3

You can create an issue after clicking on that button. It's pretty straightforward.

GitLab integration 4

Click "Save" and the GitLab issue will be created in the selected repository.

GitLab integration 5

As you can see a link to the original support ticket is added automatically. The ticket also has a link back to the issue.

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