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Google Drive (Docs) Integration

We're excited to announce that the latest version of Jitbit Help Desk web ticket system app supports Google Drive integration (formerly known as "Google Docs"). Check the screenshot:

helpdesk google drive integration

It’s very simple: open a ticket, click "Reply" and select “Attach Google Doc...”. You will be asked to log in to your Google Account if you have not already, then simply choose a file, click “Select” and you're done. A link to the file will be added in the attachments section and emailed to ticket subscribers.

helpdesk google drive integration

Remember, that when you attach a Google file to a support ticket, it's just a link. That's by design. Permissions are still controlled on Google's end, this is more secure and reliable since some files are private and you might want to stop sharing them some day (or change permissions).

Using Google Drive files instead of normal file attachments is very useful if you want to collaborate on it with your team. For example, your sales team can work on a contract before it goes out to customer. The link from the support ticket will always lead to the latest version of the document and you will have history of all the changes in google. So instead of attaching multiple versions of the same file to a ticket you can just use Google Drive.

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