Help desk software for IT companies

We have a lot of IT-companies among our customers. They keep their customer support organized and efficient with our IT ticketing system.

Jitbit's web-based app allows tracking of multiple companies from one place. A help desk technician can assign a user to a company and see all the company tickets and statistics via the "Reports" section. We also offer a way for users from the same company to see each other's tickets.

All user profile pages, information tooltips and even auto-suggest boxes that list users can show the user's company information on the side making it easy for tech-support people to figure-out which company the ticket came from.

IT consultant? We know how you feel!

If you're an IT-consultant we know how you feel. Our company was in consulting business for years offering custom software solutions for the healthcare industry. So trust us, we know this business and we're still helping some of our loyal customers with their IT infrastructure. We use our own help desk software to support them.

IT support companies have to track hundreds if not thousands of help desk issues throughout the day. Help desk software for IT support needs to be responsive and comprehensive. Without an accomplished ticket tracking software it is impossible for an IT support company to function.

Jitbit Helpdesk can support as many agents as the IT support company needs and it can be accessible via an email inbox or a mobile device. Because it can be used from anywhere in the world the Jitbit Helpdesk system can be used with telecommuting workers in order to allow the IT support company to take advantage of the benefits that a reduced physical office presence can bring.

Become our affiliate!

We offer up to 35% commission to IT-consultants who help us sell our help desk software to their customers. Please contact us directly via email.

Help where it is needed

Who are the people most likely to be called at all hours of the day for help? The answer is IT technical support. They get calls from customers with all sorts of questions. They range in difficulty to answer depending on the problem. However, there are some questions that come up over and over again. These are the questions that help desk software for IT technical support was designed for.

JitBit makes the help desk software for IT technical support programs that IT departments from all around need. They specialize in providing this service to those who require it. Their only goal is to try to help those who have too many questions to handle. They understand that this is likely a very large portion of the IT departments all throughout the world. The software has proven helpful in getting some of the simple questions answered and out of the way. That leaves more room for the IT professionals to answer other questions that may require them to go into a bit more detail.

In order to save time and money, it is advisable to use the software that JitBit provides to tackle the help desk questions that can be easily answered via this software.

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