Help Desk Management

Help desk is a central area for end user support in your organization. Providing excellent support to both your end users and employees requires the help desk team work effectively and be available, measurable and flexible. All those things are impossible without proper automation tools, and that's where the help desk management software comes in

Jitbit Help Desk is a "help desk management software" that tracks all your incoming help desk emails, phone calls and other requests effectively in a single location. Help desk managers love our product for the simplicity and full feature set that include incoming email-processor, asset-management, knowledge-base, file-attachments, AD-integration and many more.

Help desk management software is used for the purposes of tracking and managing help desk requests. Rather than have a haphazard or old fashioned approach to customer service helpdesk software can manage your interactions by categorizing tickets so technicians will be able to address problems easier.

There are a couple of ways helpdesk software works:

  1. Customers choose which category their requests fall into and then the tickets are then sent to the correctly marked folders.
  2. The other option is that tickets belonging to specific categories are sent to the tech's email who addresses those specific concerns.

It's fair to say that some help desk software programs are better at facilitating management than others.

What is Wrong with Many Help Desk Management Software Programs?

A lot of help desk management software programs on the market do not provide enough features to facilitate proper management. There are either not enough categories for sorting requests or tickets are not properly prioritized. It's also still common practice for companies to require customers to pay per user or per technician which forces prudent business owners to condense certain categories. The ramifications of this cost-cutting are obvious - it is much more likely that tickets will end up being sorted inappropriately due to too few options. The result of that is frustrated techs and peeved customers. Ouch!

What Must be Done?

Something different! Business owners need to invest in a help desk program that allows for optimal management and Jitbit has created such a program. Jitbit's help desk management software program allows business owners to set up as many categories as required ensuring requests will be delivered to the technician who is addressing concerns within a specified category. Tickets can also be organized according to priority, whether priority is urgent or normal. Furthermore, Jitbit's "enterprise" license allows for an unlimited number of users and techs. Business owners are not required to pay per tech or per user - just purchase the software with no limitations and the program is yours for life.

When to Switch?

Business owners who want to better organize their tickets will do well to give Jitbit a try. The trial period is free with no limitations on the software's features and we're more than confident you'll find our helpdesk does everything you could ask of it and more besides..

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