Help desk setup

A typical web application installation

Installation of any web software on your server could be a real pain and you know it. Here are the typical steps you usually need to make in order to get a web app running on your server:

  • Put application files in a folder on the web-server.
  • Grant specific permissions to the web-server user.
  • Edit config files hidden somewhere inside of that folder.
  • Set up the database - and that’s a whole other process!
  • Configure the web-server to work with the app.

Then you open your browser, launch it and... Damn, it doesn't work. Then you need to re-check everything all over again. Meh.

Jitbit help desk setup

We realise that the installation is your first experience with our help desk software and we did our best to make it easy and fast in order to remove some of those headaches. Just follow these simple steps to install Jitbit Help desk:

  • Launch setup.exe

That’s it. Launch setup.exe and in a couple of minutes you’re done. It’s as simple as installing a new app on your laptop.

We can help

Without a doubt in some cases you will need to adjust some things manually or even do a manual installation, but according to our stats the automatic installation works just fine nine times out of ten.

If you followed the manual closely and still have a non-working help desk, we are always happy to help. Please, contact our support and we will work it out. In the most difficult cases we offer free remote assistance, but you will need to provide us with a direct RDP access to your server.

We really hope, that the help desk setup process will be flawless and you will start using our service desk software in minutes, but if you do have any difficulties we’re always ready to help. And remember we offer the hosted help desk as well, which takes only seconds to set up!

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