Help Desk Software for Multiple Clients

Managing help desk software for multiple clients can be extremely challenging and requires the best software suites. For companies that need to manage help desks for multiple clients it can be best to get a system that is well-integrated into the company's own system. This will make it easier to manage all the clients at once. A good help desk ticket system will also allow the help desk to properly prioritize and categorize their ticket issues.

Running the help desk for multiple clients is necessary for many industries that handle client support. This can be challenging because different staff members need to work on multiple clients at once or specific staff members may be assigned to specific clients. Help desk software for multiple clients needs to be able to be customized so that it can send these support tickets to the appropriate parties while still enabling the issues to be dealt with in a timely manner.

Grouping tickets by companies

Every ticket in Jitbit comes from a "user" and a "user" is assigned to a "company" (a client - if you will).

Jitbit Helpdesk allows grouping tickets by companies automatically, by mapping email domains to companies within the app. The "Enterprise" license of the "on-premise" version allows unlimited installations with unlimited agents, which is useful to facilitate the management of multiple clients.

Auto-extracting companies from email domains

Jitbit Helpdesk can (optionally) automaticlly create new companies in the system from incoming email address domains.

When this setting is enabled, Jitbit Helpdesk will try to detect corporate emails (i.e. emails that are not "", "" or thousands of other free providers) and automatically put these users under the same "Company" entity. Unless you have an existing "company-domain" rule set up.

For example, if two (or more) users email you from "" Jitbit Helpdesk will automatically create a company "Lucasarts" and put the users into it (you can rename the company later). This will allow you to quickly see "other tickets from this company", review the stats etc.

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