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Helpdesk Software Active Directory integration

When you are looking for a help desk software app for your IT technical support to integrate into your existing enterprise infrastructure, you want the set up to be painless. If servers in your company run Windows, then chances are you are using Active Directory as a place to store info about your users.

We are proud to announce that Jitbit Help Desk includes Active Directory support out of the box. You don't even have to set anything up - just make sure the app uses Windows authentication and your web-server is added to the active directory domain. Our app is an ASP.NET MVC help desk app that will easily install on your existing IIS (6 or 7). And it takes only one click to import info about all users from your domain. The helpdesk will even import avatars from the AD!

We've spent countless hours testing our help desk software on every version of Windows Server (2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 32 bit, 64 bit etc) and we can assure you that it will work perfectly on yours.

How does Active Directory integration work

When a user logs into Helpdesk for the first time, we save his profile information into the database and he becomes a regular Helpdesk user. User profile information gets populated from the corresponding Active Directory fields. Here is the total list of fields we get from AD:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • Company
  • Department
  • Location
  • Avatar

Once a user is created in Helpdesk we do not update the above fields automatically. So if, say user's phone number is changed in Active Directory, it won't change in Helpdesk, unless you manually run synchronization. To do that you need to go to the admin panel in Helpdesk, then go to "Users" and click "Sync with AD" button on that page. It will synchronize profile information for every Helpdesk user.

Even the hosted version

Now, even our hosted help desk supports authenticating users via Active Directory, read more at hosted AD support.

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