Bitbucket and GitHub integration

The latest version of helpdesk supports integration with Bitbucket and GitHub, popular code repository hosting platforms and an issue trackers.

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helpdesk integrations

This integration module lets you create "linked" issues in a Bitbucket or GitHub repository right from the helpdesk ticket page by clicking one single button. After that both the Helpdesk ticket and the corresponding Bitbucket/GitHub issue will contain links to each other.

Setting up Bitbucket integration

Go to "Administrator - Integration - Bitbucket". Click "Enable Bitbucket integration", enter your Bitbucket username and password and click "Save".

helpdesk bitbucket integration

Once you're done, you get a "Create Bitbucket issue" in every helpdesk ticket.

Setting up GitHub integration

Go to "Administrator - Integration - GitHub". Click "Enable GitHub integration", enter your GitHub username and password and click "Save".

helpdesk bitbucket integration

Once you've done that, you will get a "Create issue in GitHub issue tracker" in every helpdesk ticket.

After the issue has been created and linked to a ticket, the app displays issue information in the "ticket details" sidebar. Unfortunately, any changes in the issue won't be synced back into the ticket. Whenever you want to check with the issue status in Bitbucket or Github - simply click this link.

helpdesk github integration

It's a great feature if you keep your issues in Github or Bitbucket – instead of going back and forth between your issue tracker and your help desk app and copy-pasting links, you can do it all with one button in Jitbit.

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