Harvest Integration

Harvest is a great time tracking and project management app. It's used by everyone from big companies to freelancers to track their client projects. Harvest provides a lot more than just time tracking - it also comes with sophisticated reports, invoicing tools, tracking and scheduling for your entire team and more.

Jitbit Helpdesk also comes with a basic time tracking module. Each ticket has a timer that tracks the time you've spent working on it. You can either edit the spent time manually or let the timer count the time automatically. We've also incorporated the spent time into the Technician Statistics report - you can see a sum of time spent by each team member in a given time period.

If you need a more sophisticated time tracking features we provide built-in integration with Harvest. Here is how to set it up:

Setting up Jitbit + Harvest integration

Go to the admin panel - Integrations - Harvest. You will need your Harvest URL, login and a password.

Harvest Integration

After you click save you should be all set. This is all you need to do to set up the integration.

Now you can link Jitbit tickets to Harvest projects. If you go to any ticket you'll see "Create a project in Harvest" button somewhere in the right sidebar.

Harvest integration

After you click it, you will see a form that looks like this:

Harvest integration

Click "Save" and a Harvest project will be created with a link back to the Jitbit ticket. And the ticket will have a link back to the Harvest project.

You can also track time spent on Jitbit Helpdesk tickets directly in Harvest. Just click the little timer icon in the ticket and Harvest timer dialog will pop up.

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