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Helpdesk with a knowledge base

Jitbit Helpdesk includes a knowledge base module out of the box, an essential feature of any helpdesk software. Having a good knowledge base is a win for everyone – your clients will find the information they need faster and you will have less tickets to deal with every day.

Easy to use

We made the knowledge base dead simple – you can publish any ticket to it with a single click, after that you can easily edit the published article, add images and other rich content, include file attachments, tag it and categorize it to make sure your users can find it easily.

That's not all. When a user wants to submit a ticket and enters the subject we automatically provide suggestions with similar articles from your knowledge base. Answer a question once, publish it to the knowledge base, never answer it again. It really works, we use this feature ourselves.

Public or private

You can also have private articles in your knowledge base - the ones that are open only for "technicians" and admins. Make it your company's internal wiki, store all the info you need and all your employees will be able to easily locate it.

We've added the knowledge base feature because we value everyone's time -ours, yours, your customers. It's a really good time saving tool - your job is just to publish the needed tickets for public use.

The knowledge base is included with every Jitbit Helpdesk edition and also available separately as a hosted app.

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