Helpdesk with a knowledge base

Jitbit Helpdesk includes a knowledge base module out of the box, an essential feature for any helpdesk software. Having a good knowledge base is a win for everyone – your clients will find the information they need faster and you will have less tickets to deal with every day.

Easy to use

We have made the knowledge base dead simple. Use the built-in rich-text editor to create new guides, attach files, insert images etc. Or - you can publish a resolved ticket to the knowlegde base with just a single click, optionally editing the resulting article, add more images and more rich content, remove sentitive info, tag the article or assign it to a "category", to make sure your users find it easily.

Automatic suggestions

That's not all. When a user wants to submit a ticket and enters some text into the "subject" field we automatically pull suggestions with similar articles from the knowledge base. Answer a question once, publish it to the helpdesk knowledge base and never answer it again. It really works, we use this feature ourselves all the time.

We use a sophhisticated AI powered suggestion algorithm that utilizes the latest NLP (natural language processing) tech. It also looks at your knowldge base tags, and analyses article content.

The app also suggests relevant articles to help desk agents too, not just the end-users. Agents can then easily embed a KB article into their response or insert a link into it.

Public or private

You can also have both public and private articles in your knowledge base - the latter are only seen by "technicians" and administrators. Make it your company's internal Wiki, store all the info you need and all your employees will be able to easily locate it.

By the way, if a KB category is marked "for specific users only" - only these users will be able to browse KB articles in that category

KB Notifications

Jitbit can automatically send out emails when you add or update an article in the KB. The email is sent to all "technicians" who have access to the article category. Simply enable the "Notify technicians in a category when a KB article is created or updated" setting in the Admin panel - "Email settings"

In addition end-users can "subscribe" to an article or even the whole "category" in the Knowledge base to receive all future notes.

Knowledge base analytics

Our app comes with built-in analytics that shows the number of views, number of searches, top viewed articles and even the recent search queries - so that you can identify what's missing from your Knowledge base.

In addition you can install your own JS tracking code (like Google Analytics or similar) to analyse the page views - do this in "Administrator - General Settings - Custom JavaScript/CSS - KB specific JavaScript".

We've developed the knowledge base module because we value everyone's time - ours, yours, your customers and end-users. It's a huge time saver - just publish the needed tickets for public use.

The knowledge base is a standard feature included with all Jitbit Helpdesk editions.

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