Help Desk Software For LAN

Help desk software for LAN installed in the INTRAnet, allows company employees to fill out a form in order to report an issue or receive information about a particular service. The helpdesk software allows employees to chat with a customer service representative online at any hour of the day or night.

Easy To Install

If your LAN users have Internet access, you can use the SaaS version of helpdesk, that can even be integrated with your Active Directory. OR - you can always install the "on-premise" version on your own server and keep it inside your network.

A Detailed Form

A business can create a form that allows customers to explain any issues, questions or comments that they have, and the customer can add their order number or the date on which their order was placed.

In addition, customer service representatives can add notes about certain issues that have yet to be resolved to the support ticket.

Windows-integrated authentication

Jitbit plugs into your network's domain controller and user don't even have enter their passwords. Additionally, Jitbit will import the user's email, full-name, location and department when he logs in for the first time. Just make sure you enable windows-authentication like described in the installation manual

Tracking And Monitoring

If a website owner decides to allow customers to chat with customer service representatives on the website, the owner can track the customer's conversation with the representative in order to ensure that the issue is being resolved, and the website owner can determine how long a certain customer was chatting with a representative.

Automated Messages

A business can set up automated messages that can tell a customer that the representative is away, and an automated message can request basic information from the customer.

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