Simple Live Chat Autoresponder Script

Here's how you can create a simple "auto responder" in Jitbit's live chat widget. If no one's online to take the chat, it will prompt the user that the question has been logged and we'll get back to them via email.

That's the thing with live chats: we all live in different timezones and sometimes there's no one there to respond to a request. This simple script can prevent user frustration (by the way, check some other chatbot examples here).

  1. Go to "admin - automation rules" and create a rule with the following settings:
    • Trigger - "Ticket created"
    • Condition - "Ticket comes via live chat"
    • Actions - "delay for 30 seconds"
  2. Save the rule
  3. Create another automation rule like this:
    • Trigger - "triggered by another rule"
    • Condition - "Ticket has zero replies"
    • Actions - "Add a reply" - "Sorry, looks like everyone's busy right now, but we have received your question and will get back to you via email"
  4. Go back to the first rule: and add a new action to it "Trigger another rule" - and select the second rule you have just created

Here's a short video Alex recorded to go through this step-by-step

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