Help Desk Software for Maintenance

Maintenance departments need help desk software too. And our data shows that maintenance teams are usually the 2nd unit to adopt a freshly installed helpdesk system inside an organization - usually after the IT department.

Jitbit has dozens of customers who manage office buildings, hotels, business centers and even a couple of supermarket chains all over the world and use our ticketing app to help their engineering teams.

Maintenance is an essential part of any product life cycle. Organization is the key to an efficient maintenance program and using a help desk app is a simple and reliable method to manage maintenance operations. Ticket management systems assist in the management of the complete life cycle of planned maintenance tasks. It also facilitates maintenance risk mitigation.

Our app enables you to take care of work order processing, issue logging, job allocation and other important maintenance tasks. It allows maintenance staff log new issues, and track, monitor and resolve any maintenance tasks assigned to them. It allows management to prioritize tasks, assign it to qualified personnel and optimize processes by calculating metrics such as maintenance load, turnaround time and rate of resolution.

Must-have Maintenance Software Features:

  • Maintenance request processing - AKA "maintenance ticketing system" - is, without a doubt, is the critical feature of any issue-tracking system
  • PM or "Planned maintenance" - allows scheduling recurring tasks like servicing, functionality checks and repairs
  • Asset management - keeps track of your inventory
  • Preventive maintenance

    via the API - create tickets from an external monitoring system or sensor data.

JitBit help desk software is the perfect solution for maintenance process management in any industry. With Jitbit SaaS help desk, all you need is an Internet connection, the software requires no installation. With an unbeatable pricing system, it is the best software for all your maintenance needs. It is an ideal solution if you have telecommuting workers, or if you want your clients to be able to track issues. For an internal maintenance system, get the "on-premise" JiBit help desk server. It fully integrates with your email and Active Directory and its affordable unlimited licensing makes it a very attractive maintenance solution.

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