Open-source Helpdesk components

Even though our helpdesk ticketing software is not open-source, we do open-source some of it's components as reusable libraries. Here are some of them:

Our page at GitHub.

AspNetSaml - SAML authentication library we wrote. Feel free to use with your ASP.NET projects to add single sign on.

CsvExport - is a popular .NET CSV-export library we maintain.

TabUtils - a JavaScript library to sync between browser tabs.

HtmlSanitizer - client-side HTML sanitizer for JavaScript. - C# implementation of MurMurHash.

PropMapper - super fast property mapper for .NET, faster than AutoMapper.

Visual Studio unused images finder - not exactly a component, but a Visual-Studio plugin that helps you find unused images in an ASP.NET web-application project. Simple right-click the project and select "find unused images" in the context menu.

MailSystem.NET - it's not completely Jitbit's but it's a project we contribute a lot to. It's an IMAP/POP library for the .NET framework.

WYSIWYG BbCode editor - a "what you see is what you get" editor that outputs BBCODE instead of just HTML

Resx-Translator-Bot - translates resx-files automatically using Google-Translate, nice for multi-language .NET-apps.

Log2SQL - a handy little tool to convert webserver logs into a SQL database you can run queries against.

Cmd + T for Visual Studio - The Command-T extension provides an extremely fast, intuitive mechanism for opening files with a minimal number of keystrokes in VS. It's a version of "Cmd + T" feature from Textmate and Sublime Text (Mac OS X text editors).

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