Stripe Integration

Jitbit Helpdesk now provides a first-party integration with Stripe.

Stripe is the most popular platform for running an internet business. They handle all your payments, subscriptions and other financial needs.

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How the Stripe intgration works

When you enable the Stripe intgration you will be able to see the customer information in Jitbit user profiles.

Here is what it looks like:

Stripe integration with Jitbit

We display all the most important information in the user profile, including the metadata (metadata in Stripe is the same as custom fields in Jitbit). You can also see that there are two buttons that allow you to go directly to the customer page in Stripe or search for the email address with a single click.

How to set it up

Setting up the Stripe Integration is really easy and takes just one minute.

  1. In Jitbit go to Administration - Integrations - Stripe.
  2. Enable the integration.
  3. Follow this link to get the key from Stripe. You need the secret key, not the publishable key.
  4. Paste the key back to Jitbit and click "Save".

Also, here is a quick video overview of the integration:

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