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Great Value Support Ticket Software

Jitbit Helpdesk is a support ticket software crated for small and medium sized businesses. We know, this is probably not the first helpdesk software you see today. We will try to save you some time. This is an overview of how Jitbit Helpdesk will make your life easier and your customers happier.

How Jitbit Helpdesk support ticket software is different from others

We think that David Baker, one of our customers, brilliantly summarized what makes us different from the competition (read all helpdesk testimonials):

Great ticket support system for those not needing a million whistles and bells. Easy setup and not bloated like most. 100% up time and super tech support!

He is right. Maybe we do not have all the features under the sun, but this is what makes our app great. Don't get me wrong, we do have a lot features. We just don't have "bells and whistles" – things you will hardly ever use. Useless features take space on your screen and in your mind. Why we care about that so much? We know that you will use our helpdesk ticket software every week day - we use it ourselves - we are trying to make your job easier, not add another complicated thing in your work flow. Customer support is hard enough job as at is.

Let's be honest. You probably already use some support ticket software. Since you're here, you probably hate it. Give our app a try – chances are we've fixed all that stuff that annoys you.

Here is what we think you'll love the most:

More productive techs – more happy customers

jitbit helpdesk tickets

Techs spend most of their days on the main tickets grid pictured above. Here they can see all tickets that need their attention. They can filter and sort them by different parameters or they can close, merge, link, move and assign tickets without leaving the page. This grid is the most important place in the system. We put a lot of effort into it and we think your team is going to love it.

We are constantly working to make our helpdesk ticket software more productive. "Productivity" not only means that techs can do everything faster. It also means that they spend less time doing routine and annoying things. Happy techs = happy customers.

Reports: see how you are doing and predict the future

jitbit helpdesk reports

Evaluating your customer support team has never been easier. With our set of great reports you will see everything you need to know: Who is the best tech in your team? Who is the worst? Which customers submit the most tickets? How many tickets do you usually get at 1PM on Wednesdays? You can even build your own custom reports.

Knowledge base: help your customers help them self

What's better than a quickly resolved ticket? No ticket at all. Jitbit helpdesk comes with a full featured knowledge base. Answer a question once and never do that again! Alright, that's not true. We both know, that users don't ever read manuals and FAQs. But we do our best to make them. We use some clever text analysis techniques to save you some time. If you save an article to your Knowledge Base, it will be suggested to a user before he even submits a ticket.

This was a brief overview of the most notable features. If you want to know more, head to the main support ticket software page.

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