Helpdesk-TeamViewer integration

Jitbit Helpdesk can integrate with TeamViewer for fast remote support and desktop sharing.

TeamViewer is a well-known solution for remote support sessions if not the most popular one. With Jitbit-TeamViewer integration you can launch support sessions right within the helpdesk app by simply clicking a link.

These are the steps to set it up:

  1. Under "Admin - Users - Custom fields" create a user custom field. Select "text" as the field type and give it a meaningful name, something like "TeamVeiwer Computer ID". The helpdesk system will use that to store the user's TeamViewer ID to connect to.
  2. Under "Admin - Integrations - TeamViewer" enable the integration.
  3. Select the custom field you just created
  4. Fill that custom field for one or more users in the system and enter the user's TeamViewer ID into that field. To do that open the user's profile for editing, and enter the ID into the field, then click "save".
  5. After filling that field for a user - you'll be able to launch a TeamViewer session right from the ticket page, for ticket from that user.

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