Creating a ticket reminder

Cookbook: How to Create Ticket Reminders in Jitbit Helpdesk

Jitbit Helpdesk provides multiple ways to create ticket reminders to help technicians stay on top of their tasks. This article will walk you through two primary methods: Scheduled Replies and Automation Rules.

Method 1: Scheduled Replies

Jitbit Helpdesk allows you to send a "delayed" reply, scheduled for sending at a later time. This feature is especially useful for sending reminders or follow-up messages to ensure that no ticket is overlooked. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Compose Your Reply:

    • On the ticket page, type your response as you normally would. Click the "For technicians only" checkbox. This will be a reminder for the technician to check on the ticket or any other relevant message.
  2. Schedule the Reply:

    • Click the "Schedule reply for later" dropdown under the "Reply" button. This will bring up a date picker.
    • Select the desired date and time when you want the reply to be sent.
    • Click "Schedule this reply."
  3. Review Scheduled Replies:

    • After scheduling, you will be directed to a page listing all scheduled messages for the ticket.
    • You can review this list and remove any messages that are no longer needed by clicking on the corresponding delete option.


  • Scheduled replies do not support file attachments.

Using Scheduled Replies ensures that important reminders and follow-ups are automatically sent at the right time, without requiring manual intervention.

Method 2: Automation Rule for Overdue Tickets

Another effective way to send yourself a reminder is to set a "Due date" and set up a reminder about overdue tickets is by setting up an automation rule. This method not only sends an email reminder but can also include a push notification to mobile devices. Here's how to set it up:

  1. Create a New Automation Rule:

    • Navigate to the automation rules section in the Jitbit Helpdesk settings.
    • Click on "Create new rule" to get started.
  2. Define the Trigger:

    • Set the trigger condition to "Ticket becomes overdue." This ensures that the rule is activated as soon as a ticket passes its due date.
  3. Add Conditions (Optional):

    • You can add additional conditions to narrow down the circumstances under which the reminder is sent. For example, you might want to apply the rule only to tickets of a certain priority or from specific departments.
  4. Set the Action:

    • Under the action section, choose "Send email to assigned tech."
    • Write a clear and urgent subject line, such as "!! Ticket reminder !!"
    • Use the email template tags to customize the message body. For example, you can include #Subject# to dynamically insert the ticket subject.
  5. Enable Additional Notifications:

    • Check the boxes to include secondary assignees if necessary.
    • Enable the option to "Also send a mobile push notification" to ensure the technician receives the alert on their mobile device.
  6. Save the Rule:

    • After configuring the rule, click "Save rule" to activate it.

With this automation rule in place, whenever a ticket becomes overdue, the assigned technician will immediately receive an email and a push notification, ensuring that they are promptly alerted to take necessary action.


Both Scheduled Replies and Automation Rules in Jitbit Helpdesk provide robust solutions for creating ticket reminders. Scheduled Replies offer a straightforward way to ensure that important messages are sent at the right time, while Automation Rules provide a dynamic and immediate alert system for overdue tickets. By implementing these methods, helpdesk managers can enhance their team’s efficiency and responsiveness, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

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