Ticket Templates in Jitbit Help Desk

Here's the default "new ticket" form we have in Jitbit Help Desk:

You can add some extra fields for the end-user to fill out, for that follow these steps:

  • Go to "Administration"
  • "Custom fields"
  • Create one or more fields needed for the template
  • Optionally assign the new fields to certain ticket categories

You've just added two custom fields to the ticket form:

Now you have two optional fields in the UI for your customers. But that's not all. You can have pre-filled ticket text too, and make this text depend on the selected ticket category.

  • Go to Administration
  • Go to Ticket categories
  • Select a category and edit the "Pre-filled ticket template" fields for the subject and body

Here's an example

To remove a ticket template from a category simply clear it up (set to empty text).

Use cases

The most common scenario is to provide instructions and guidelines, requiring for information specific to that ticket category. Like, incident date, steps to reproduce, version of software installed. Create different templates for feature requests, bug reports and improvements.

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