How Implementing a Help Desk Enhances Customer Service: VARGO Case Study on Managing Support Requests

There is no doubt that e-commerce has changed the way the retail industry works. In the actual marketplace, customers have a distinct choice when it comes to choosing how to buy: they can shop an item online and have it delivered to their homes or they can buy online and pick up at the store. Not to mention, online shopping can be done via a variety of channels: social media, a mobile app or a website.

In the midst of all of these digital improvements, the omnichannel approach was born to provide the customer with an integrated shopping experience where they can shop online via desktop or phone, or in a brick-and-mortar store, all the while keeping the experience seamless.

In order to satisfy omnichannel demands, solutions that solve complex distribution challenges have emerged. This is the case with VARGO®, a company that makes fulfillment processes easier by sequencing and synchronizing workflow. Since omnichannel works by providing customers with the same experience in every shopping channel available, the retailer must provide an effective service during the entire shopping and distribution experience. The secret sauce for companies to accomplish this goal is being organized at every step of the process, including while providing technical support.VARGO found in Jitbit a support ticketing provider that allowed its team to efficiently manage customer support requests.

Customizing the experience

VARGO handles equipment of small, medium and large retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and e-commerce businesses. Unsurprisingly, the amount of orders they receive per day is immense - clients can generate hundreds of thousands of orders per day. As VARGO's business increased, they needed a better way of tracking the growing number of customer support requests. VARGO's team found Jitbit Helpdesk. Even though they were already handling support via email, Jitbit's helpdesk seriously helped them improve their customer experience.

The easy to install helpdesk allowed Vargo to run the new platform in a couple of hours. "After the full implementation we spent several hours customizing email templates and automation rules, but none of that was absolutely necessary to get up and going," said Jared Call, Manager of Software QA and Support at VARGO.

Once the software was implemented, VARGO could set up the email templates to quickly inform its clients that a ticket had been created once they'd sent a request. Furthermore, the platform allowed its team to include their critical emergency support in the email templates. The result was better customer service offered to clients that preferred to communicate urgently with the support team via email instead of over a call.

In addition, the mobile app feature allowed VARGO's support team to take care of customers on the go. The app allows the team to view request tickets and reply to them quickly.

Automation means better service

With the implementation of Jitbit's helpdesk, VARGO was able to automate its customer support. The e-commerce solution provider auto-categorizes incoming tickets and allows customers to always follow their own tickets and not those of other customers. And with the new implementation, the support team was able to create alerts for email technicians and support managers when a ticket, for example, got re-opened, improving VARGO's customer service

"Jitbit has made it easier to make sure that our customer's issues don't get forgotten or neglected. Jitbit helps us provide better customer service," explained Jared.

Although VARGO had previously been providing its support service via email, since starting to use Jitbit helpdesk, the company was able to organize its ticketing better. The tool allowed the team to provide great customer service to their clients via the email channel, a feature that allows proactive customer response thanks to modern features like automation.

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