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Web Based Help Desk Application

An online business needs to provide online support to their customers. The best way to do this is by using an online help desk app, but conventional help desk are very costly and have limited features.

Why Web Based Help Desk Application is needed?

In a Web Based Help Desk app, you can access your tickets from anywhere in the world. You do not have to install this software in your PC and carry it with you all the time. Moreover, you can distribute your workload intelligently to your agents ensuring they are working effectively in their time zone. And that's how make sure your customers get 24/7 support from your company.

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Why Jitbit?

Jitbit's helpdesk web application offers more flexibility and support to your customers. You can have unlimited agents working for your company at a price that is, frankly, almost a give away. You can even access the help desk online via an internet enabled device from anywhere in the world.

Email management is the most complex and annoying part for many web based service providers. If you're recieving dozens of emails daily it is almost impossible to keep track and there will inevitably be some lost in the system. Jitbit's Web Based Help Desk Application allows you to convert every email into a ticket, pass it on to the appropriate technician and keep track of that ticket through to resolution. Once the ticket is created all emails from the same source will be added to it ensuring no-one gets lost.

The self-hosted package is offered for businesses that have their own servers, IT team and programmers who like to get their hands dirty with the source code. We also understand that some businesses are nervous about all their data being stuck out there in the cloud and feel much safer having it all in house.

Is the free demo worth a try?

Free demo version of this software gives you the opportunity to experience the real online help desk user interface. You can download it and try it for as long as you like. Yes, that's right. Although a few features are disabled there is no time limitation for the free version. Rest assured that even free users benefit from our back up procedure so your trial version can be seamlessly continued when you purchase the software.

Here is a full list of the on-premise trial version limitations. If you want to try a fully-featured solution, you can give the hosted version a try. All the features are enabled, but that trial is limited to 21 days.

So, if you want to run a small or large business and want to give your customers quality help, then Web Based Help Desk Application from Jitbit is the best solution.

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