Web Based Help Desk Application

An online business needs to provide efficient online support to customers. The best way to do this is by using an online help desk application. But conventional help desks are often pricey and have limited features. That 's why a web-based help desk application could be just what you need.

Why Use A Web-Based Help Desk Application?

With web-based help desk software, you can access tickets from anywhere in the world. And you don 't have to install software onto your PC.

What 's more, you can distribute workload to your agents intelligently. And make the most of agents working in different time zones.

That 's how you give your customers the 24/7 support they expect from your company.

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Why Jitbit?

Jitbit's web-based help desk app provides greater flexibility and support for your customers. Our software offers:

Unlimited Agents: A big team of agents? No problem. You can have an unlimited number of agents working on your Jitbit help desk for a price that doesn't break the bank.

Remote Access: Wherever your team work – from the office to a beach in Bermuda! - they can access the help desk online through any internet enabled device. Remote working needn't ever slow down your customer support.

Exceptional Email Management: Email management is often the most complex and frustrating part of customer support. With Jitbit 's web-based help desk application, it 's easy to keep track of each and every customer email.

Our app allows you to convert an email into a ticket, pass it on to the appropriate technician and track that ticket through to resolution. Once a ticket is created all emails from the same source will be added to it, ensuring no communication gets lost.

Self-Hosting Options: We understand that some businesses don 't like to have all their data out there on the cloud and feel much safer keeping it in house. So we also provide a self-hosted package. This is perfect for businesses with their own servers, IT teams and programmers who love getting stuck into source code.

Is the Free Demo Worth a Try?

The Jitbit free demo version gives you the opportunity to experience our software first hand. And get to know the online help desk user interface.

You can choose from two demo options:

Self-Hosted Demo Version
Download it and try it out for as long as you like. Yup, you heard us! A few features are disabled but there is no time limit imposed.

Jitbit-Hosted Demo Version
A solution that includes every single Jitbit feature. Get the full Jitbit experience for 21 days here.

Even free users benefit from our back up procedure, whichever demo you choose. So your trial version can be seamlessly continued if and when you purchase the software.

So, if you run a small or large business (or anything in between) and want to give your customers quality support, the Web-Based Help Desk Application from Jitbit is a winning solution.

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