Top Quality Web Help Desk Software That Works

Most web-based businesses make use of web help desk support software because it provides optimal support to clients. Support requests are organized by category, and technicians can be properly grouped according to their area of expertise. On top of this large volumes of support requests can be handled with ease. Unfortunately, not every helpdesk solution is created equal and you will have to hunt around to find a fully features solution at the right price. Well, until now....

The Problem with Many Web Help Desk Support Software solutions

Many companies that develop and distribute web-based help desk solutions require companies or individuals to pay a king's ransom to use their software. The common trend is to charge per user, per technician or per upgrade. Choosing a provider who uses this pricing structure can only compromise the quality of the service you provide. It's natural to want to trim the company's outgoings and knowing every customer contact is going to come with a price tag will eventually lead most companies to look for another solution

The other issue we see a lot is customers looking ofr a helpdesk solution assuming that the most expensive is the best. It is possible to offer as fully featured, powerful and slick helpdesk without charging the earth.

what is the Solution then?

The ideal help desk solution is one that does not require its purchasers to pay per technician, per user or per upgrade. In addition, this software needs to have features that will not only make providing support to clients easier, it must also contain features that enable clients to offer more details about the problems they face, by, for example, attaching files with additional information or taking screen shots. What's more, the user interface needs to be easy to use for both entrepreneurs and their clients.

Jitbit has an outstanding help desk solution that fits the needs of everyone involved. The user interface is easy to use, it is feature rich and purchasers do not have to pay per user, per technician or per upgrade. Individuals who desire to use Jitbit's help desk solution will only have to pay the onetime fee of $899, and the software is theirs to use for life. Some notable features include, but are not limited to: POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Exchange integration, asset tracking, the ability to attach documents to tickets and customizing and maintaining a knowledge base. Jitbit's web help desk software solution is perfect for both large and small businesses alike.

When to Throw Away Your current Help Desk Software

It is time to get rid of your current help desk software solution when you find yourself paying too much money to use it. With the economy being in the shape it is in currently, it is imperative that you save in any way possible. It is foolish to utilize a solution that requires you to pay on a continual basis. Another reason to throw out your current software is when you find it does not fit your needs. If you need features that your current software does not provide it is time to move on and find something that will.

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