Why web-based?

Jitbit Helpdesk Server is a self-hosted version of our help desk software app that is installed on your windows-server. Your end-users access the app via a web-browser. We also offer a HOSTED version of this tool here.

First, the definition. A web-based help desk software app - is the one you use with a browser over a network - either over the Internet or over your corporate intranet.

So, why a web-based help desk?

Why should you choose a web based help desk solution over traditional desktop software?

Web based means "easier" to use than regular software - you don't have to install it locally, download any installers or drivers, worry about upgrading to the latest version or hardware compatibility on user's workstations.

Web-based means "secure" since no data is stored locally on user's laptops, USB sticks or other removable storage devices which often gets stolen or lost. All the sensitive data is stored on a server, updated and secured in one place.

Web-based means "works from anywhere" - you can work on the go, from home, from work, from a hotel room. Your data is accessible even on a mobile device.

We offer two variations of our web-based help desk: self-hosted version that installs on your company's server, and the hosted help desk that runs on our enterprise-class server in a highly-secure data center.

There are many important steps to earning a reputation as a company that provides first class customer service. You have to really enjoy helping people, always be up for the challenge to improve your service and have great top down leadership. One of the keys to all of these is having a helpdesk web application that you know will make the process from initial contact to resolution simple enough that anyone can step in and deal with an issue if necessary and powerful enough that you can track and manage every stage of the procedure. The best ones will provide detailed reports so that you can watch for trends and improve performance of your teams and systems – just like Jitbit's.

Is a Self Hosted Helpdesk Web Application For You?

A self hosted helpdesk will appeal to, amongst others, very large companies with massive customer support teams and their own high security servers and datacenters. Although Jitbit uses Amazon's fast, reliable and secure servers and has excellent back-up procedures in place it is understandable that some companies who have always kept everything in house have no intention of changing.

It's also true that a hosted helpdesk web application is generally easier and less hassle to use, but for some the idea of having access to the C# written source-codes of Jitbit's helpdesk is a massive boon. If your in house developers are conversant in ASP.NET it can be handy for a big concern to add a few little additions to the program to fit around your current systems and only a self hosted helpdesk can do that. Jitbit does go further than most with our downloadable helpdesk though by making it web enabled. Access to your helpdesk wherever you are might not seem important to a company with a massive support team, but knowing that you can keep abreast of every stage of an issue wherever you are means your team can respond much more quickly and efficiently and don't always have to be tied to the desk.

Jitbit are so confident that our helpdesk is the best on the market that we offer an unlimited trial version of our self-hosted helpdesk so why not give it a go and let us know what you think. No hassle, no pressure, just great service.

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