Exchange Integration

If you're a decent sized organization on a Microsoft platform then you are probably using MS Exchange as your email program of choice. It's well featured, fast and has a decent UI, but the problem with such a program, however, arises when it comes to customer support for a large number of clients. Email, being primarily designed for one-to-one communication, simply isn't set-up to deal with the kind of tracking a support technician needs to ensure each query is dealt with efficiently and effectively through to completion. For that you need a help desk...

Streamline Support With a Hosted Help Desk

A help desk hosted in the cloud, such as Jitbit's, removes virtually all of the software headaches a customer support team might have. Offering a combination of features such as a powerful knowledge base, asset management, detailed reports, file-attachments and SSL encrypted security in a highly affordable package it's crazy not to use one. Your only concern might be whether Exchange integration is possible. After all, your entire staff have gotten used to using Exchange so why would you want to change? The good news is you don't have to...

Seamless Exchange Integration

Offering tight email integration via POP, IMAP and Exchange protocols, Jitbit's hosted help desk allows you to continue to use Exchange for all your email communications but, and here's the clever bit, it will instantly convert customer queries into support tickets and add them to your help desk database. This means you can quickly find the ticket you need, read any reports attached, add your own notes, etc. - something that would require trawling through a whole stream of emails the old-fashioned way. You now have the best of both worlds – you get to keep your current email program and your support staff can work effectively with the knowledge that nobody is going to get lost in the system.

Read more about the native Exchange protocol support

Email API Enabled

Once the ticket has been created your Exchange integration is so perfect that your techs can simply reply to your clients emails directly from Exchange in exactly the same way they would any other email and the ticket will be updated in your helpdesk. To make this even more powerful some basic API commands can be used in email too such as:

  • Adding #tech# to the subject line will mark your reply “for technicians only”.
  • Adding #unsubscribe# will unsubscribe thast tech from the ticket.
  • Adding #close# to the subject line closes the ticket after completion (and another job well done!).
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