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Help Desk Email Management

Jitbit Helpdesk is exceptional at managing your support emails, turning your random email conversation into organized support tickets.

Pulling from your email server

Jitbit Helpdesk pulls all your support emails into one centralized location. It can handle multiple email addresses and servers (POP , IMAP and Exchange) and even route incoming emails to particular helpdesk areas. For instance, emails to "support@" are routed to your tech-support team and messages to "sales@" are sent to the sales area of the Helpdesk app.

All the emails enter the system to become new "tickets" or replies to existing tickets. Each ticket can then be managed, replied, included into reports etc. etc.

Outgoing emails

All ticket updates are being sent back to your customers via emails. "New request" notifications are being sent to your tech-support team via emails. You don't even have to use the help desk software app, just stick to your favorite email software if you like. "Reply and forget" - and let the helpdesk app take care of logging, notifying the right users, keeping track of ticket status etc.

EASY email management

Just open the "admin" panel and specify your email server settings like you do in your favorite email software. Gmail/Hotmail/Yahoo accounts are totally supported.

You can additionally set up one or more "automation rules" that will route the incoming emails based on the words and phrases, found in the subject line, or automatically assign ticket priorities and/or due-dates based on different criteria.

If you decide to use the online (SaaS) help desk - it even comes with ready-to-use email servers already set up for you (both incoming and outgoing).

Email API

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