Help Desk for Small Business

Small Business? We know exactly how you feel!

Time to stop avoiding your support inbox. Time to stop marking emails "unread" because you're not sure what to answer. Time to stop being afraid of your mail.

We built this software for ourselves, when it was just two of us in the company. We were (and still are) a small business: we have 4 developers, an IT-guy, a designer, a support agent and the founders - everyone is doing support in our own helpdesk system. That is why we kept it simple and easy. You have nothing to be afraid of

As a small business you might want to try the hosted version of the helpdesk software. It even has the Active Directory-integration and is very easy to set up (you're literally seconds away). Just point the software to your support mailbox and test it for free (with an option to extend the free period) to see if it fits your needs.

Remember, help desk fills a critical role that most enterprises require. The proper tool makes managing support issues both faster and more consistent... Enterprise software can be extremely complex and many users may have issues using it. These issues may range from technical errors to needing training. All of this can be managed via a web-based solution.

Finding the right help desk software for small companies can be a challenge. Small companies often have the same needs as larger companies but they usually have less staff and thus less support. In order to compete with bigger companies a small business needs to find the best possible help desk software to increase the productivity and effectiveness of even a small support team.

Customers are the most important part of any small business, and fostering a good customer relationship begins with good customer support. Having reliable a ticketing system is usually the best way that a business can prove itself to its customers and show that it cares about their issues and about their service.

Our system is the ideal helpdesk tool for small companies that face many challenges, from budget to staffing, which also makes it important to find a tool that can run on the same systems that they are already using and is not too expensive. Jitbit integrates directly into the company's existing email so that no expensive upgrades are required. Jitbit also offers very inexpensive packages for companies that need a break on their budget.

The perfect helpdesk for small business

You’ve probably landed on this page because you’ve realised that it is time to take the proverbial bull by the metaphorical horns and invest in a solution that will improve all aspects of your customer service - and that means a helpdesk! Small business might not seem to necessitate such a program, but if you are juggling several jobs as most small business employees are then it makes sense to use a helpdesk to ensure nothing is missed and your clients and customers are always talking about what a great company you are to do business with – that’s the key to growth!

Web Based Helpdesk – Small Business Solution

You may or may not know but there are two basic types of helpdesk software available – web based downloadable versions that you install on your own server and hosted helpdesks that are situated in the ethereal realm of the cloud. Jitbit offers both because they each have their own advantages (see "downloaded vs. hosted helpdesk"), but today we’ll share a couple of key reasons why a web based helpdesk may be best for your small business.

Firstly, our helpdesk for small business is incredibly easy to use – in fact it is as easy to use as our hosted version and because it is still web based you can access it anywhere there is internet connection just like our hosted version. The advantages of the downloaded version include the ability to have Windows-integrated authentication (we do offer AD-authentication with the hosted version as well) or to have a good old mess around with the source code as we make the C# files available with some plans. This means you can go crazy with it and make it absolutely perfect for your site. Although the cloud is mega safe you may feel more secure with your data in house in which case this is the helpdesk for you. On top of that you can, with just a couple of lines of javascript, add a support widget to your website – a little black box that sits at the side of every page. This is a great way of saying to your customers that you care and you’re always there. For a small business this is the kind of detail that can seal the deal.

These are just a couple of reasons why a server based helpdesk might be for you so why not download the free and open-ended trial version today.

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