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JIRA integration

The latest version of our helpdesk ticketing system comes with a bunch of "integration" apps

See the full list of Jitbit third-party integrations.

helpdesk integration

The JIRA integration module simply allows converting helpdesk tickets into JIRA issues. If a technician decides a ticket should be logged in your bug-tracker, he can do this with a click of a button.

Setting up JIRA integration

Go to "Administrator - Integration - JIRA". Click "Enable JIRA integration", enter your JIRA username, password, and the full URL to your JIRA installation. Like "" if you're using the on-demand hosted version. Keep in mind that this URL should be accessible to the helpdesk server (for the "on-premises" version) or open to the Internet (for the "hosted" helpdesk)

JIRA helpdesk settings

Once you're done, you'll see the "Create JIRA issue" button in your tickets. Clicking this button brings up a dialog that prompts you to select a JIRA project and creates an issue in it, with a link to the ticket in the issue body. Once the issue has been created, the "Create JIRA issue" button disappears and a link to the JIRA issue is displayed in the ticket instead. While the newly created JIRA issue will have a link to the helpdesk ticket in the issue body.

Helpdesk also supports integration with Bitbucket And GitHub, both of those also have built-in issue-trackers. Works the same way - allowing you to create issues that are linked to support tickets.

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