JIRA integration

The latest version of our helpdesk ticketing system comes with a bunch of "integration" apps

See the full list of Jitbit third-party integrations.

helpdesk integration

The JIRA integration module simply allows converting helpdesk tickets into JIRA issues. If a technician decides a ticket should be logged in your bug-tracker, he can do this with a click of a button.

Setting up JIRA integration

Go to "Administrator - Integration - JIRA". Click "Enable JIRA integration", enter your JIRA username, password, and the full URL to your JIRA installation. Like "https://BLAHBLAH.atlassian.net" if you're using the on-demand hosted version. Keep in mind that this URL should be accessible to the helpdesk server (for the "on-premises" version) or open to the Internet (for the "hosted" helpdesk)

JIRA helpdesk settings

Once you're done, you'll see the "Create JIRA issue" button in your tickets. Clicking this button brings up a dialog that prompts you to select a JIRA project and creates an issue in it, with a link to the ticket in the issue body. Once the issue has been created, the "Create JIRA issue" button disappears and issue information is displayed in the ticket instead. While the newly created JIRA issue will have a link to the helpdesk ticket in the issue body.

JIRA helpdesk integration

Helpdesk also supports integration with Bitbucket And GitHub, both of those also have built-in issue-trackers. Works the same way - allowing you to create issues that are linked to support tickets.

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