Helpdesk software with asset management

While asset management is not an essential ticketing system feature, it's definitely nice to have it. We've built a pretty convenient asset module within our web based help desk.

Basic features

You can perform basic operations like storing information about the assets you use in your work, their quantities and sort and search through them. Assets can be physical objects like laptops, printers or even buildings, or they can be intangible, for example patents or copyrights. They can be whatever you want them to be, which makes it a really flexible tool.

Integrated with the helpdesk core

But it's all useless, if it's not integrated with the helpdesk app, so we went further. You can assign an asset to a user so you can see what devices each user has when he submits a ticket. And vice versa - when there's a problem with an asset, you know who to contact.

Incident history

You can also add assets to tickets in just a couple of clicks. Let's say some user submits a ticket saying his laptop is broken. Engineers do some work to fix it and everybody is happy, but what happens the next time that laptop breaks? The symptoms look the same, but no one can remember, what the fix was. Engineers have to do research to come up with the same solution to fix that laptop again. Seems like a waste of time to us. You can add that laptop as an asset involved with this ticket and later if that user complains of the same issue you can easily see what the fix was and which technician performed it.

That is just one basic example user case and we are sure that you can come up with more uses applicable to your business. Asset management can be a really powerful tool that helps you to noticeably raise the quality of your customer service.

Custom fields

Just like tickets, assets in Jitbit Helpdesk can have one or more "custom fields" assigned to them. Like, "price" & "purchase date". Or "last service date" & "warranty number" etc. Custom fields also included when you import or emport assets into the helpdesk app via CSV.


You can also use assets in your automation workflows. Jitbit Helpdesk includes a powerful automation engine called Automation Rules. With Rules you can do assign assets to a ticket if it comes from a particular user, for example.

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