Helpdesk servers

The "on-premise" version of our helpdesk app allows different "number of servers" depending on the license you choose. This number of servers limit is simply the number of "production" installations. Every installed instance of Jitbit Helpdesk counts, even if you install the app multiple times on a single machine.

This counts as "two"

Jitbit Help desk IIS installations

The "Enterprise" license allows unlimited number of installations within the same company. You can install as many times as you need with this license. For example, if you need separate helpdesk instances for several departments, or if you need several "test" installations along with the production one.

For every additional installation in another company you still have to purchase a separate license, even if you have "Enterprise", despite the number of servers you're allowed to use with your current license. For example, if you run a consulting business and you plan to offer our app to your clients you will need a separate license for every client. By the way feel free to contact us for reseller discounts in this case.

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