Service Desk Ticketing System

If you're not using a service desk ticketing system like our server based help desk to process your interactions with clients, potential customers and, well, anyone who contacts you, then, quite frankly, you're making life far harder than it needs to be and probably suffering from far more headaches in the process. In simple terms a help desk application converts all your first contact incidents into tickets that are then sent to the appropriate department and tracked through to completion putting an end to the dreaded “lost in the system” email or phone call disaster that makes you and your company look incompetent.

Why Jitbit's Service Desk Ticketing System?

Well, we think we've developed a helpdesk ticketing system that covers all the bases for a client who wishes to host their own software. Some of the key features a great service desk ticketing system needs are:

  • Reliability – Written in C# and based on Microsoft's ASP.NET and utilizing MS SQL's server database engine means our helpdesk is cutting edge.
  • Fast – Making use of the very cool open source Dapper.Net micro-ORM engine extends the "SqlConnection" object with the "Query" and "Execute" methods giving us lightning speed.
  • Easy to adapt – One reason for choosing a self-hosted service desk is so you can tweak the code and Jitbit offers a source code version you may freely change to suit your needs. For this reason we've made the code as simple and readable as possible and also allowed integration with your existing Active Directory users catalogue.
  • Security - It's important to be able to assign passwords and security permissions to different levels of clearance or departments and to ensure customer data is well protected.
  • Web based – there's little point having a brilliant service desk if you're support team are tied to the office. In modern business it is essential to be able to provide quick and effective support wherever you are. A web based service desk gives you access wherever you may be and on any internet enabled device.

These are a few of the features our self-hosted service desk provides, but for a full feature list check out the main page: helpdesk ticketing system.

How Do I Know if it's For Me?

Jitbit want you to be absolutely sure before you commit to our helpdesk and for this reason we offer an unprecedented limitless trial version. That's right, use it and abuse it for as long as you need to be sure it's the software for you. Read more web ticket system.

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