A Web Based Ticket System With a Difference

Things move pretty quickly these days. We’re used to getting instant results. And your customers are no exception. That’s why clever programmers (that’s us!) have created a web based ticket system help desk.

The Jitbit Helpdesk simplifies your interaction with customers. It’s a web tool that will ensure the smooth running of your internet business. And provide solutions for your customers with the speed and efficiency they have come to expect.

Because if you’ve gone to all that trouble finding your clients, you want to look after them properly, right?

Why a Web Based Help Desk?

A web based help desk has a host of advantages for businesses of all sizes. Our clients choose Jitbit web based help desk for a few primary reasons.

  1. Ease of useWith no downloads or installs your help desk will be up and running quickly. And there’s little chance of Jitbit experiencing compatibility issues with your server or other hardware.
  2. SecuritySensitive personal details and information are held securely on Jitbit’s servers. So misplacing a laptop or losing a USB stick need no longer be the end of the world.
  3. AccessBeing web based, you and your staff have access to your help desk remotely. Anywhere you can connect to the internet and with any kind of device – even your phone – you are able to provide exceptional service for your customers. Give tech support on your commute. And arrange Mrs Brown’s return while you enjoy your local coffee shop’s finest.

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And Now For the Differences…

At Jitbit, we do things differently. We know that there are other help desk software providers out there. So we’ve come up with additional features that make our help desk stand out from the crowd.

Our features list provides everything you could possibly require for effortless and stress-free interaction with your customers:

Unlimited agents: (Enterprise license only) Jitbit’s web based ticket system allows an unlimited quota of helpdesk agents. Yup, that’s right – no additional charges if you require five, ten or even 20 agents to keep things running smoothly. How about that for service!

Security & accessibility: Cast iron security and worldwide accessibility from your mobile phone or laptop.

Multilingual: Our helpdesk is multilingual. The most spoken languages in the world are all included (along with some less prevalent languages too). So integration with overseas offices is simple.

Attachments: You can easily attach and upload PDFs and documents or share screenshots. Because we all know a picture is worth a thousand words when trying to assist anyone less than computer savvy!

Knowledge Base: The Jitbit Helpdesk is equipped with an extensive Knowledge Base and report system. It provides you with all the information you need to adapt and optimize your customer support.

And if you’re thinking that a self-hosted help desk would be more up your company’s street, we can provide that too…

Why a Self-hosted Helpdesk?

Despite recommending the hosted version of our help desk to the majority of our clients, there are a couple of exceptions. The hosted version of the software is incredibly easy to set up and to use. But you might benefit from a self-hosted help desk if:

  • You have skilled in house programmers and your website requires some tricky coding. Then, access to the ASP.NET C# source coded version of our help desk will give your team the freedom to make any changes they deem necessary to integrate with your current system.
  • You want to keep all of your data in-house. Jitbit's hosted help desk backup system and data storage is uber-reliable. But we understand that some people still feel that keeping their company and their client’s sensitive data on their own servers is the way to go.

Why a Web Based Ticket System?

Whether you choose our hosted or self-hosted help desk, you’ll have access to our web based ticket system. Because it makes no sense at all to have an internet presence and not be able to service your clients’ needs from any platform and from any location.

It’s still quite unusual for a self-hosted help desk to offer a web based ticket system as standard. But we feel this feature is too important to only provide it with our hosted version.

So you get all the benefits of “access anywhere”, including versions specifically designed for your mobile phone, whichever option you go for.

Still not sure if Jitbit is the help desk solution for you? We offer a non-expiring trial version that gives you the opportunity to try it for as long as you like. Not bad, eh?

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