Online Help Desk Software

Jitbit Helpdesk (the hosted version) is a full featured online support system.

What is "Online helpdesk"?

"Online help desk software" is just another name for hosted help desk applications. "Online" simply means "web-based and hosted by vendor, not customer".

Features that are usually found in an online support system include:

  • Support ticket management (handling requests from customers)
  • Knowledge-base (self-service searchable portal for customers to find solutions to their problems)
  • Asset tracking (track computers, printers, network equipment and other company IT assets)
  • Email and SMS integration (automatically create tickets from incoming emails, send out notifications etc)
  • Most importantly it's cloud-hosted and accessible through the Web on any device

An online helpdesk can be accessed from anywhere using any available device - be that a laptop or a smartphone - with no extra configuration required. Just type the app's URL and check the new tickets - anytime, anywhere. This type of support apps can be used not just by the technical support teams, but by business development and sales departments as well.

Web-based support software tracks customer requests - keeps them archived and structured - making it easy to look up a particular client's history.

But why Jitbit?

It is our headache to keep your help desk online. We've had only 2 unscheduled outages since 2006 that lasted longer than 20 minutes, which is pretty darn incredible really. It means your customers can track their requests 24/7/365.

Our app allows custom branding for your organization, using your own domain, logos and colors. Start your 60-days trial today and see how Jitbit Helpdesk can tailor your support to your needs.

Other benefits of going with the hosted version

You will always have the latest and the greatest Helpdesk version. We deploy new features almost daily and we fix all bugs instantly. With the Server version you will have to wait for us to make a new release, which we usually do about every to month. Why wait, if you can always be on the edge?

We really know how to handle the servers. We spent a lot of time carefully building our server infrastructure. Our ticketing system is hosted in the cloud. It is fail-proof and we have a sophisticated backup plan in place. Security is not an issue, since we install all upgrades regularly and do regular audits. Yes, that's a lot of hassle, but the good news is you don't have to go through it yourself.

It has no functional disadvantage over the server version.Seriously, hosted help desk can even integrate with your Active Directory. Everything is exactly the same. There are no trade-offs.

We are paranoid about your privacy. All communications are secured by SSL. Everything that can be encrypted is encrypted. There is no way that someone can put their hands on your data, unless they steal your password of course. Tens of government organizations trust us with their data and they didn't just take our word for it – they checked our system themselves to make sure that it is up to their standards. That's got to count for something.

A Simple Online Help Desk Solution

Anyone with an online presence as part of their business strategy will have to, to a lesser or greater extent, deal with the public during their working week. You may have any number of work flow systems in place for other areas of your organization that keep everything moving like clockwork, but when it comes to the public all bets are off – literally anything can happen and definitely will. The priority for any forward thinking company is to ensure customer service is just as efficiently run as all other areas of the business, and that's where an online help desk solution such as Jitbit's hosted help desk comes in. Hosted in the cloud it will allow you to track and trace all interactions with the public and existing clients with the bare minimum of fuss. Let's have a look at a couple of the key features...

One of the fundamental reasons for opting for an online app over one that is downloaded and installed on your own server is that there is way less faffing about involved. Jitbit requires nothing in the way of set-up except for you to sign up and choose an appropriate URL – you can literally be help desk enabled in minutes. There is no code to mess around with and no need to download and install updates to keep things running smoothly. You don't even need to backup your data – we take care of that and suspect we do a far more thorough job than you would ever have time to do because we back up the help desk data base and the entire server itself every day. Your data, and more importantly, your clients data wouldn't be safer in a bank. Whose server is it backed up on? Good question. Well, we don't mess about with these things and find using Amazon's servers and datacenters absolutely guarantees security and reliability (more info - where's the helpdesk hosted?).

We think that for the majority of businesses these reasons make a hosted help desk the perfect fuss free solution to your customer interactions, but if you'd like to learn more there are a whole load of additional benefits(link to 9 reasons to use hosted help desk) we haven't talked about in this paper. Read more about web based help desk.

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