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ASP.NET Bulletin Board

If you're looking for an ASP.NET-compatible Bulletin Board you've come to the right place. Jitbit's Forums for ASP.NET is exactly what you need - an online bulletin board solution. If you run a website on a Windows-server platform, powered by ASP.NET (or any other programming language), you can add a bulletin board in seconds.

What is a "Bulletin Board"

A bulletin board (AKA "pin board") is a surface where the public messages are posted. For intsance, buy, sell or rent ads, event announcements, "lost and found" messages and similar. Bulletin boards are often made of cork so people can easily pin (and unpin) their messages to it. Sometimes they're made of metal and use magnets to "pin" the messages. These boards are mostly used in universities, dorms, apartment buildings, organization cafeterias etc. etc.

Nowadays the physical bulletin boards are being widely replaced by Internet forums, also called "online bulletin boards". Internet forums are used not just to post announcements and ADs, but also asl and answer questions, discuss various topics, sometimes almost in real-time.

Does my website need one?

Yes - if you want to communicate with your users and customers online, provide them with an option to connect with each other and discuss their issues. Internet bulletin boards can be also used to support customers online by answering your users' requests and creating a knowledge-base.

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