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Video Tutorial

This short video tutorial shows how you can install Jitbit's Forum for ASP.NET on your server.

The video guides you through the process of installation of the ASP.NET forum on a server that meets all the system requirements, this particular machine is:

  • Windows 2008 server computer with IIS 7 installed
  • SQL Server Express with default settings (default instance name and "user-instances" enabled

Video transcript

This tutorial will show you how you can quickly install the ASP.NET Forum application onto your existing website. Let's say I have a "hello world" website running on "localhost".

The first step would be to download the ASP.NET forum application from "jitbit.com". Then right-click the downloaded file and select "extract". Then select all the extracted files and copy them to the clipboard.

Then I open the folder where my web-server points to ("c:\inetpub\wwwroot"), create a subfolder named "forum" and paste all the forum files into it.

Now we have to make some adjustments in the Microsoft IIS management console. Navigate to the website, right-click the "forum" folder we just created and select "convert to application". That's it.

The next step would be to configure a database for our ASP.NET forum application. The forum software supports multiple database engines, including MS SQL, MS SQL Express, MS Access and MySQL. The easiest way (and the default way) is to configure a so-called "user-instance" of MS SQL Express - when the database file is stored locally in the "App_Data" folder.

This way of working with database requires two more adjustments. The first step is - in th IIS console click "Application pools" - "Default Applicaction Pool" (or whatever the name of the pool is) - right-click - "advanced settings" and change the identity to "network service". The second step is grant write permission on the App_Data folder. I right click the App_Data folder - "Security" - "Edit". Add the "NETWORK SERVICE" account, and grant write permissions.

The forum's been installed to our ASP.NET website.

This ASP.NET forum software comes with a built-in administrator account "admin/admin" - change that before publishing the forum live on your website.

After logging-in you see the "administrator" link. Click the link and create the first forum named "test forum", the description is also "test forum". There are no categories in the system yet, so I'm creating a new one by typing it's name - "test". After adding the forum and clicking the "home" link we see the newly created forum, that we can add a topic to.

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