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Forum as a .NET Message Board Control

A bulletin board is rarely a standalone web-site, most of the times it's just one of the many other parts of a web site. Webmasters use forums to create a community around their web-site, to communicate with customers and so on. We have taken this into account with our .NET Forum from the very beginning.

We developed the forum app the way it can be easily integrated into your existing website and more importantly it will look and work like it has always been there. In other words, you can use our Forum as a .NET message board "control" - making it a part of your bigger app.

Shared hosting is not a problem

"Shared hosting" is one of the reasons we decided to make the forum work as "part of a bigger app". If you host your website on a "shared hosting" account, you may have no option to configure the forum as a standalone "application" in IIS - that's not a problem with our forum. Just create a subfolder in your website, and follow the installation instructions from the "readme" file here.

Integration with existing web-sites

From our experience, integrating a third-party app into your web-site can be a really complex task so we didn’t want that with our app. If you have an existing ASP.NET web-site, it will take you less than an hour to integrate the Forum into it. It’s a two step process:

  1. You can optionally make the forum use your MasterPage. We have a detailed manual for that here. All you have to to is change a single file and you’re done.

  2. You might need to maintain a single user identity across the entire web-site. Our Forum has a built-in Single Sign On (SSO) feature. If your website uses ASP.NET's built-in authentication features (Forms-authentication for example) - you don't even have to do anything. It works out of the box. If you have some custom login logic - you can still use the forum's Authentication API or use the session-variables... We have a very detailed manual with some source code examples here

Optionally you can change the design, it’s really easy if you have some basic experience with CSS and HTML. You can find all the styles in the "aspnetforum.css" file in the root Forum directory. You can also change the HTML code in the ".aspx" files, if you need to customize it further.

We do realize how important it is to maintain your branding across the web-site, so we’re doing our best to let you use our Forum with ease in your existing environment. Please don’t hesitate to email our support in case of any problems.

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