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The Best ASP Net Forum Around

That's a bold claim, we know, but we hope to prove it to you with this overview of some of the key features of our forum software. By the end of this article we hope you'll be telling everyone you've found the best ASP Net forum solution available today!

Is Jitbit's The Best ASP NET Forum For Me?

Let's examine the evidence:

Firstly, unlike many, our forum software is fully customizable using a number of tools. You can play around with the CSS and HTML code so it matches your website and even edit the ASP.NET master pages, so with just basic web design skills you can pick up from online tutorials you can take control of how your forum looks. Oh, and how it looks! It's so fresh and clean – sparkling in its simplicity – but don't be fooled by that because thanks to our highly advanced caching processes it is both fast and powerful. We will happily stand it up against any of our competitors for speed.

One great reason for adding a forum to your website is to improve your Google rankings. Our forum software just loves bumping you up those pages with it's SEO optimized page titles and forum URL's. Get your keywords in and watch it fly!

None of this is any good if it's a headache to moderate though is it? You and your moderators will have the ability to control user groups and make sub-forums private for paid users for example. You can set up automatic or moderated email activation and even have unmoderated free for all forums... if you want to attract the wild side of the internet!

Like all the best forums we have private messaging and user activated polls – everyone likes to vote and have their say after all. You can allow people to simply add a thanks to peoples posts or even subscribe to great threads. Talking about subscribing, we have set up full RSS integration too so you can keep abreast of the latest news wherever you may be.

On top of this and many other great features we have a free for life evaluation edition available! Yes, free for LIFE! So why are you waiting? Download today and see just how the best ASP NET forum around can change how you view online communication.

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