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Jitbit's Message Board Software Simply Flies!

The internet is a melting pot for every kind of person alive and that can have it's downsides, but the upside is you can communicate with like-minded people from all over the world. If you run an information website then there is every chance you may be considering adding a forum so the public can discuss and share their views with you and each other. Some people use a blog for this, but message board software is way less clunky and allows you to have your users self-police. The problem with many of our competitors though is their software is slow, slow, slow! As a regular user of message boards myself the thing that annoys me the most is having to wait an ice age for the damn thing to load after a post. It may seem like a small annoyance, but I've left great communities for this very reason. After all who has that much free time!

Why is Jitbit's Message Board Software So quick?

For a start Jitbit's message board software uses true multithreading, which explained very simply means many people can be doing the same thing (like leaving responses to posts on a forum) at the same time without affecting the efficiency or time it takes for those posts to go live. In other words – no lag, no waiting! This can only be done using ASP.NET instead of ASP (which is still used my many forums) because ASP.NET is compiling code as a page is opened for the first time rather than classic ASP interpretation method. What does that mean? Basically, it just means our advanced caching techniques render your pages faster than a very fast thing! In fact, it's so quick you can post as quick as you can type.

Free Trial? Yes Please!

If that doesn't tempt you I know this will. You can download our free trial and run it for as long as you like. Yes, there is no limit to the evaluation period! As long as you can live with our Jitbit label at the top of the page you can use it forever. Of course, the price is so reasonable we have every faith that you'll be back for the paid version soon.

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