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Ken Cox, Microsoft MVP
I'm really impressed with the power and simplicity of this product. It's fast and easy to work with. Nice job.
Ken Cox, Microsoft MVP
Paul Whyte
Congratulations on a fantastic Forum product. By far and away the easiest and most light weight forum solution for the ASP.Net platform.
Paul Whyte
Steve G, web-administrator
My first forum integration to my web site and I must say, I am really impressed. It has everything I was looking for and more. Not only that, but it was a breeze to setup and configure. Thank you for such a user friendly, clean, feature rich product!!
Steve G, web-administrator
Wendi Guidry Taranto
After reviewing multiple asp.net forum apps and having horrible experiences attempting to install two of them...i found Jitbit. I can't believe how easy and error free it was to get up and running. And integrating it with my external user authentication was a breeze. I had one question and your support department answered faster than ever expected. Great job Jitbit!
Wendi Guidry Taranto
Timothy Finstein
I would like to say that this is the cleanest looking forum software that I have seen in a long time. Great software and I will look forward to the next release!
Timothy Finstein
Scott Hanselman
Thanks! You have great support and a great product.
Scott Hanselman http://www.hanselman.com/
Oliver B.
Nice, clean and fast forum. Good support. Thank you!
Niels Schiersing, webmaster, Denmark
Thanks for a very fine forum!
Niels Schiersing, webmaster, Denmark http://www.kifbrydning.dk/
Oliver Rommelrey
I used it successfully and I think it is a great product for the price.
Oliver Rommelrey
Thomas Hidyman
This forum software seems great, kudos. Thanks.
Thomas Hidyman http://www.hidyman.com/
Thomas Edward
Nice and simple, fast and reliable.
Keith, webmaster
Best Forum Software! I've been looking around for a year. This is the cleanest forum I've found anywhere codewise, and presentation wise. You guys don't have alot of the features we need yet, but I'm willing to wait and make an investment in this software. I've been really happy with your support and product quality. Thanks JitBit!
Keith, webmaster http://toegolf.com/

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