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.NET Forum 8.3.8 released 4/1/2015

  • SSL-compatibility (to prevent warning messages from browsers about nonsecure content)
  • Fixed front-page forums in MS Access
  • New button "delete all posts and disable user" in profile
  • Admin buttons in profile shown only when looking at another user
  • Show forum title on the "add post" page
  • Option to disable external links to protect from forum spammers
  • Improved captcha for forum antispam
  • "User not found" message in profile viewer
  • Show "wait for admin to activate" after registering when needed
  • Send welcome email after activating user manually (by admin)
  • Tables bbcode displayed correctly
  • Fixed topic merging (Subscribers error fixed)

.NET Forum 8.3.7 released 8/25/2014

  • Dropped MS SQL 2000 support
  • Reset frontpage cache after editing forum-permissions
  • Performance improvements
  • Removed controversial smiles
  • Removed the old mobile interface
  • Responsive design
  • Better SSL-compatibility (to prevent warning messages from browsers about nonsecure content)

.NET Forum 8.3.6 released 7/31/2014

  • Tons of UI improvements
  • Faster permissions engine
  • Showing attachments to non-registred users (if allowed)
  • PM thread opens on last page automatically. Other PM fixes.
  • Updated Hebrew resources
  • No longer throws an exeption when ForbiddenUploadExtensions is empty
  • Admins should see all forums despite the group permissions
  • Improved unread messages tracking

.NET Forum 8.3.5 released 7/5/2014

  • Unread-topics algorithm improvements
  • Messages with "bad words" are now IGNORED and not posted (antispam).
  • SEO fixes (duplicate titles, missing meta-descriptions)
  • AvatarResize error fix
  • Recent posts UI fix
  • Removed async-attribute (fix "async module completed" error)
  • Private msgs: reply-with-quote fix
  • Moderator page redesign, removed unused resource files
  • Tons of UI improvements (bigger text on buttons etc)

.NET Forum 8.3.4 released 6/17/2014

  • Critical fixes in the unread topics tracking module

.NET Forum 8.3.3 released 6/7/2014

  • Critical avatar fixes

.NET Forum 8.3.2 released 6/3/2014

  • "messages" resource
  • HUGE FIX for email sending engine (some email were not being sent
  • Fixed possible exception in moderator-caching module
  • Private messages deletion improvements
  • Quick-reply now has WYSIWYG editor. Other editor UI-improvements.
  • Possible user deletion error fixed
  • Fixed some typos and grammar in the UI
  • Search now works in subforums as well
  • No "resend activation email" button if email-activations are disabled
  • Fixed invalid link in user profile
  • "FilesUploadPath" setting now accepts "~" ASP.NET paths.
  • Multithread fix

.NET Forum 8.3.1 released 3/20/2014

  • Version number
  • 2008-compatible SQL-database format
  • Properly throwing 404 for deleted topics/forums
  • Fixed forum nullreference error for Google bot and other Search bots
  • Danish translation improvements

.NET Forum 8.3 released 12/23/2013

  • "View posts by user" fixes
  • Showing attachments to registered users only.
  • "DB upgrade" page redesign
  • Private messages redesign, grouping by recipient, proper deleting procedure.
  • Unread tracking - work properly now, tracks what user actually read
  • Fixes error on subforums admin page when no forums defined.
  • Fixes small message-permalink bug
  • Small optimization fix
  • Send error reports asynchronously so exceptions do not freeze the app
  • Email engine improvements
  • No error email by default, do not send report email if empty.
  • Nice "recent topics" page UI - lots of improvements
  • Private messages improvements for MS Access
  • Unread tracking fix
  • Fixing "lastpage" issues
  • unread-tracker error handling

.NET Forum 8.2 released 7/26/2013

  • Various security and bug fixes

.NET Forum 8.1 released 7/2/2013

  • Do not count views from bots
  • Fixed twitter auth
  • Fixed editor shrinking bug in IE (fixes #86)

.NET Forum 8.0.3 released 6/13/2013

  • "send private message" button fix
  • IP-filtering improvements
  • Fixed - wrong gravatar when editing someone else's profile
  • "Reply with quote" not shown if no permissions
  • Design fixes
  • SEO fixes (meta issues, "Panda" issues etc)
  • Fixed error with moderator stats
  • Fixed sending error reports
  • Fixed editor autoresizing
  • Gravatar localhost fix
  • Do not count views from bots.

.NET Forum 8.0.2 released 4/11/2013

  • Another set of fixes for 8.0

.NET Forum 8.0.1 released 4/11/2013

  • Fixed a tiny error "The resource class for this page was not found"

.NET Forum 8.0.0 released 4/11/2013

  • On moderation count mysql fix
  • Topics merge fix
  • Avatar editing fix
  • Performance improvements

.NET Forum 7.3.7 released 2/13/2013

  • Counter of total messages on moderation
  • UI fixes
  • Improved moderation workflow

.NET Forum 7.3.6 released 1/6/2013

  • New setting: "Disable forum user achievements"
  • Fixes the dangeros request error on the addpost.aspx (fixes #65)
  • "EmailDebug" flag - correct processing, was not working.
  • Twitter login fix (fixes #66)
  • "Test SMTP Email Settings" button in the admin panel
  • Masterpage path fixes
  • "Topic not found" message
  • Alt attribute for images
  • Security fixes

.NET Forum 7.3.5 released 10/30/2012

  • New setting: "Disable forum user achievements"
  • "EmailDebug" flag - correct processing, was not working.
  • Forum installation guide improvements
  • Twitter login fix
  • Fixes the "dangerous request" error on the addpost.aspx
  • SEO improvement: nofollow link at the bottom ("powered by")

.NET Forum 7.3.4 released 10/22/2012

  • no test data in the DB file
  • WYSIWYG editor fixes
  • Security fixes
  • Minor CSS UI fix (TH grey header)
  • Minor CSS UI fix - achievement notifications tuning
  • New setting: "Disable forum user achievements"

.NET Forum 7.3.3 released 9/23/2012

  • New default "xx ago" datetime format for long dates
  • UserAgent + IP address in error notifications
  • Error notifications - allows multiple addresses now
  • Online users counter - critical sections refactored
  • More language resources move into the compiled assembly
  • Admin-settings: error email description edited
  • Fixed trial error

.NET Forum 7.3.2 released 8/30/2012

  • SEO improvement (rel=canonical for topic pages)
  • Fixed: Full-Names were not shown in many places
  • Confirmation box on "delete all posts from user"
  • Moved resources to "Resources" compiled folder. Improved the first-launch performance
  • "XX time ago" for post/topic dates

.NET Forum 7.3.1 released 8/20/2012

  • Database-upgrade engine small fix
  • Double-voting for forum posts in Firefox - fixed
  • Fixed the confusing error message after logging-in from the activation page
  • Huge memory leak fixed

.NET Forum 7.3.0 released 7/17/2012

  • Premoderated-message: fixed moderator notification. Small ORM fixes.
  • Caching improvements
  • When replying with quote - a user could remove attachments, fixed
  • Poll options - larger DB field, UI check
  • PCI compliance fixes (minor security fixes)
  • Avatar fixes
  • Fixed database error on membership login
  • Some ORM refactoring)
  • Updated Dutch translation
  • Recent posts page links to particular posts, not just topic pages
  • Improved "link to a post" tool, like on Stackoverflow
  • Search bug fix
  • Shorter RSS caching (absolute timing, not sliding)

.NET Forum 7.2.17 released 7/9/2012

  • Premoderated-message - fixed moderator notification
  • Reset front page cache after editing forum
  • Fixed: When replying with quote - a user could remove attachments
  • PCI compliance fixes (minor security fixes) (fixes #52)

.NET Forum 7.2.16 released 5/25/2012

  • Unread forum posts count fixed
  • Some minor fixes
  • Banning by IP-address patterns like "192.168.*.*", not just exatct entries
  • Premoderated-message - fixed moderator notification. Small ORM fixes.

.NET Forum 7.2.15 released 5/18/2012

  • version number
  • SHA1-hash for the "autologin" API if the setting is on
  • Fixed the "no data exists for row/column" error
  • Achievements engine!
  • Improved antibot check
  • Forum-post deletion improvements
  • Email engine fixes
  • ORM Engine fixes
  • Some UI changes
  • unread forum posts count fixed. manual fixes and web.config comment fixes.

.NET Forum 7.2.14 released 4/23/2012

  • Recent forum posts PageSize fix
  • Updated wysiwyg editor
  • "Accepted answer" coloring fixed
  • swedish translation fixes
  • "Add forum post" page restyling
  • New feature - "purge old forum topics"

.NET Forum 7.2.13 released 4/9/2012

  • Fixed a bug - false error notification when users are registering and activation is disabled.
  • Nice erro msg in addpost instead of exception
  • Some db-layer refactoring
  • Some minor bugfixes (RSS and messages list)
  • Fixed "reply/quote post" links positions in FF

.NET Forum 7.2.12 released 3/19/2012

  • RSS feed improvements
  • Lost password email subject fix
  • File-attachments fixes.
  • Email/PM a group of users

.NET Forum 7.2.11 released 2/29/2012

  • SEO-improvements
  • Merge topics fix
  • Source code refactoring
  • Chinese translation fix
  • No post-build events in source code version
  • BBCode parser refactoring
  • New feature - Deleting all posts from a user

.NET Forum 7.2.10 released 2/13/2012

  • New, improved database engine,"ALL_USERS" built-in group
  • Search page design improvements
  • "Re-send activation email" feature for the forum users
  • Minor fixes
  • "Add forum moderator" feature improvements
  • Security improvements
  • Added a section about ASP.NET MVC to the manual
  • Fixes #27 (poll options disappear after logging in)
  • New setting - "File upload path" for advanced uses (UNC path for farm-installations etc) fixes #32, some DB refactoring, Fixed files deletion when deleting topic
  • Confirmation message when deleting a forum-group
  • UI tuning - redesigned "add post" page etc.
  • CSS3 rounded borders, many other UI improvements, search db-error fixed

.NET Forum 7.2.6 released 10/21/2011

  • Premoderation improvements: security issues, caching issues, performance improvements
  • moderator UI improvements

.NET Forum 7.2.5 released 10/20/2011

  • Fixed the moderator editing error
  • Lots of visual improvements
  • Minor general improvements

.NET Forum 7.2.4 released 10/16/2011

  • Lots of performance improvements, optimized memory usage
  • "ReturnUrl" support for the AutoLogin API
  • Support for image width & height in BBCode markup: [img width=1 height=2]url[/img]

.NET Forum 7.2.3 released 10/2/2011

  • NET 4.0
  • Improved forum-icon editor
  • Arrows for sorting forums and forum-groups. Some visual adjustments. No more "App_Browsers" folder (NET 4.0 issues)
  • Improved performance while getting user info from membership (first load)
  • Minor improvements
  • Facebook OAuth 2.0 support

.NET Forum 7.2.1 released 9/2/2011

  • Security improvements
  • Datepicker-fixed on the search page
  • Google-hosted jQuery and jQuery-UI

.NET Forum 7.2.0 released 8/19/2011

  • XSS improvements
  • jQuery hosted externally - on Google
  • Performance improvements

.NET Forum 7.1.11 released 8/8/2011

  • Some minor bug fixes

.NET Forum 7.1.10 released 8/7/2011

  • Minor security fixes

.NET Forum 7.1.9 released 7/29/2011

  • JavaScript fixes
  • Performance improvements

.NET Forum 7.1.8 released 7/1/2011

  • Some MySQL improvements
  • New feature - merge topics
  • Some performance improvements

.NET Forum 7.1.7 released 6/21/2011

  • Settings "resetter"
  • Fixed deleting/disabling users from the "all users" page
  • Minor UI improvements in user management
  • When integrated with a parent website, fullname can be passed via Session vars now
  • Preventing caching in browsers

.NET Forum 7.1.5 released 6/2/2011

  • Configurable "minimum password length"
  • Minor improvements

.NET Forum 7.1.4 released 5/14/2011

  • NullReference error fixed on a number of pages
  • Improved error notifications engine
  • Updated manual
  • Blackberry support - showing mobile UI for Blackberry devices

.NET Forum 7.1.3 released 5/13/2011

  • MySQL fixes for the ODBC driver
  • Sample MySQL-ODBC connection string is now included into the web.config

.NET Forum 7.1.2 released 5/12/2011

  • MySQL fix for the trial version search
  • MySQL fixes for the upgrade engine
  • Private messages fix for iPad
  • Message editor fix (Ctrl+Enter processing)
  • SEO improvements

.NET Forum 7.1.1 released 4/26/2011

  • Fixed MySQL-errors in the database upgrade engine

.NET Forum 7.1.0 released 4/22/2011

  • Fixed viewing "rated" messages when there's an "accepted" answer"
  • Slightly improved descriptions in the admin panel
  • Other minor improvements

.NET Forum 7.0.8 released 4/18/2011

  • Fixed "quote" button in WYSIWYG editor in Chrome/Safari
  • New feature: "Accepted Answer"
  • Settings-engine improvements
  • Translation improvements (all languages)

.NET Forum 7.0.7 released 4/11/2011

  • Safari fix for the forum configuration form
  • Fixed storing the email settings in 7.0.5
  • Performance improvements

.NET Forum 7.0.5 released 4/4/2011

  • All settings are now stored in the DataBase, not in web.config
  • Safari/Chrome support improvements
  • Optimized performance, minimized the initial database size

.NET Forum 7.0.4 released 3/19/2011

  • Translation improvements
  • ViewState moved to the bottom of the pages (good for SEO)
  • SQL Express in now the default connection string in the web.config

.NET Forum 7.0.3 released 3/4/2011

  • Fixed adding users via admin-interface
  • Twitter-integration fixes
  • Improved manual
  • RSS-caching fixes
  • Search fixes for MySQL

.NET Forum 7.0.1 released 2/10/2011

  • Enable/Disable Gravatar support
  • Caching fixes
  • Message text tooltips on the "last message" links
  • Html-notifications
  • Security improvements
  • Lots of minor improvements throughout the entire forum software

.NET Forum 7.0.0 released 2/7/2011

  • More caching improvements, the forum homepage is now amazingly fast
  • Link to a full-version from the iPhone-version
  • Adding post now works correctly on iPad
  • Readonly users quickreply fix
  • Result message when sending email to all users
  • Facebook login support

.NET Forum 6.9.9 released 1/26/2011

  • Fixed errors when creating/deleting forums in the admin area

.NET Forum 6.9.8 released 1/22/2011

  • More caching - all topics lists in the forums are being cached to save database performance
  • Front page caching fixes

.NET Forum 6.9.7 released 1/18/2011

  • More caching improvements, the forum homepage is now amazingly fast
  • Link to the full-version from the iPhone-version

.NET Forum 6.9.6 released 1/13/2011

  • Fixed empty avatars issue when a user is using Gravatar and the forum folder is not configured as IIS application
  • FIxed for VS2008-version source codes

.NET Forum 6.9.5 released 1/13/2011

  • Fixed the thumbs up/down buttons not being updated right away
  • "Sign-in with Twitter" - Twitter login integration via oAuth
  • Improved perfomance (front page is now cached to minimize database queries)
  • Fixed multiple user deletion in the admin panel

.NET Forum 6.9.4 released 12/14/2010

  • Fixed "add moderator" autocomplete textbox when working with MySQL

.NET Forum 6.9.3 released 12/12/2010

  • Database upgrade engine compatibility fixes for SQL 2000
  • Group membership editor for user profiles
  • Minor visual improvements
  • Fixed avatar images backward-compatibility issues

.NET Forum 6.9.2 released 12/11/2010

  • Fixed the "DBNull cast" error that happened on some MS SQL configurations

.NET Forum 6.9.1 released 12/9/2010

  • Fixed file-uploading problems

.NET Forum 6.9.0 released 12/2/2010

  • Now supports Gravatar.com avatars
  • Lots of visual improvements

.NET Forum 6.8.8 released 12/1/2010

  • Auto-complete suggestions wnen adding moderators to a forum
  • Ability to delete sent private messages
  • Performance improvements
  • Improved subscription editor on the profile page
  • Minor translation improvements

.NET Forum 6.8.7 released 11/23/2010

  • No more "upload" folder, everything is stored in the "App_Data" folder. This is more secure and easier installation procedure.
  • New type of subscription: "new posts in a forum" (along with "new topics in a forum" and "new posts in a topic")
  • Error message when wrong login info entered
  • Performance improvements

.NET Forum 6.8.6 released 11/16/2010

  • Fixed the rating error

.NET Forum 6.8.5 released 11/14/2010

  • Improved "add msg" pages design
  • Subject validator when creating a topic
  • Creating poll with no options - fixed
  • "Ctrl+Enter" fixed when creating topics, private messages
  • Auto-focus input-fields fixed when creating topics/messages
  • Redesigned poll controls, overall poll-system improvements
  • Voting for user's own messages is now restricted
  • Showing updated topics count on top

.NET Forum 6.8.4 released 11/6/2010

  • Source-codes version now ships in both VS2008 and VS2010 versions
  • Correct "last post" tracking when posting to premoderated forums
  • Automatically checks for new versions on the server
  • Search is now functional even in the free version

.NET Forum 6.8.3 released 11/5/2010

  • MS SQL 2000 compatibility fixes for the upgrade engine

.NET Forum 6.8.2 released 11/3/2010

  • Source codes converted to VS 2010 format
  • New setting in the web.config "AdminUserName" for integrating admin permissions with parent websites
  • User can now subscribe to the "closed" topics also (moderators and admins can post there)
  • Improved "enter" key processing in the login controls
  • AD-integration improvements
  • New authentication API

.NET Forum 6.8.1 released 10/13/2010

  • Rounded corners for all buttons (requires CSS3 support)
  • Validation improvements on the registration page
  • Fixed the "variable name '@Param1' has already been declared" error

.NET Forum 6.8.0 released 10/5/2010

  • UX-features (CSS3 tools)
  • Some fixes for the MS SQL engine

.NET Forum 6.7.9 released 9/27/2010

  • Fixed the SQL 2000 compatibility issues when viewing rated messages
  • "Meta" tags rendering improvements

.NET Forum 6.7.5 released 9/24/2010

  • Fixed error when detecting user's IP
  • OpenID security improvements
  • Cross-database engine improvements (for MySQL primarily)
  • iPhone-version of the "add post" page

.NET Forum 6.7.4 released 9/20/2010

  • Fixed the topic-viewing error for non-admins under MS SQL

.NET Forum 6.7.3 released 9/17/2010

  • RSS security fixes for closed forums
  • Some UI-improvements
  • Messages list now has an option to "show rated posts only" that shows positively rated messages, sorted by rating great when looking for some answers

.NET Forum 6.7.2 released 9/11/2010

  • Correct "Email already exists" message on the registration page
  • Lots of security fixes
  • Trial version UI-issues with Firefox fixed

.NET Forum 6.7.1 released 9/6/2010

  • Fixed the occasional error when opening an empty topic
  • Fixed the occasional "Object cannot be cast from DBNull" error when opening a topic created by a non-registered user
  • Fixed the "quote" link in the iPhone/Android skin
  • Fixed the paging links that were sometimes wrong after topic deletion with SEO urls on
  • Fixed message deleting procedure that was sometimes resetting a forum for a topic
  • Fixed weird behavior when adding an adRotator-control to the master page

.NET Forum 6.7.0 released 8/26/2010

  • First and last names are synced from AD when auto-creating a windows-authenticated user
  • Users list security improvements
  • Proper redirect after posting a message to a multipage thread ("topic not found" error fixed)
  • Android mobile users are now also detected and redirected to the mobile version
  • Handy paging in the mobile version
  • Some fixes in the cookie-login engine

.NET Forum 6.6.9 released 8/14/2010

  • Visually improved rich-text editor (when posting a message to a forum or sending a PM - "right edge" problem fixed)
  • The rich text editor now auto-resizes itself when typing
  • Disabling multiple users at once from the users list
  • Improved unread message tracking when showing messages in a topic
  • Performance improvements for topics list

.NET Forum 6.6.8 released 7/27/2010

  • MySQL compatibility improvements

.NET Forum 6.6.7 released 7/5/2010

  • Private message attachments fixed
  • Forum icons now work for subforums also
  • Improved unread topics tracking: the updated icon is not shown for the user's own messages
  • Improved "posts by user" page
  • Handy message for admins if there's no forums created yet
  • "Hide my presence" option for users that hides them from user lists
  • Improved session-processing, the forum is now compatible with web-farms and multiple worker process environments
  • Fixed: sending moderator notificaitons for premoderated forums
  • Disabled users are not shown on the group editing list
  • Improved manual

.NET Forum 6.6.5 released 6/10/2010

  • Improved message editor for administrators/moderators
  • Qouting is enabled for guests if guest-posts are allowed
  • Fixed the database creation script

.NET Forum 6.6.4 released 6/9/2010

  • Fixed: Null-reference exception after manually editing the masterpage and removing some crucual elements from it
  • "Reply with quote" was sometime being shown to unregistered users (not working thought)
  • Correct "Email already taken" message when registering a new user
  • The "Notify me when a reply is posted" checkbox now saved correctly when adding a new topic
  • Geo-IP linking for postes IPs (admins only)
  • Automatic built-in database structure updater
  • Fixed very long load times when using windows authentication

.NET Forum 6.6.3 released 5/25/2010

  • Fixed: error when using Windows-integrated authentication with AD

.NET Forum 6.6.2 released 5/25/2010

  • Fixed: disabled users getting forum subscritpion notifications
  • "Ctrl+Enter" shortcut for the "quick-reply" box
  • "Orber-by" number for the forum-groups ordering
  • Fixed the default forum database file for SQL-express (was requiring SQL 2008 at minimum)

.NET Forum 6.6.1 released 5/18/2010

  • Improved the user's email extraction from the ASP.NET Membership profile
  • Updated manual
  • Fixed URLs and paging when navigating the search results
  • Predefined avatars pack that can be adjusted
  • Improved page-navigation

.NET Forum 6.6.0 released 5/5/2010

  • Performance improvements
  • Forum description is now shown on the forum and topic pages
  • Editing posts in a closed topic now does not throw an error
  • Improved getting user's name and email from Active Directory
  • New user attributes: first name, last name
  • New web.config option that hides usernames from the forum, showing fullnames only
  • Improved manual

.NET Forum 6.5.8 released 4/28/2010

  • WYSIWYG editor improvements
  • Empty forum with subforums now looks much nicer
  • Administrator-groups integration when integrating with a parent website, that uses ASP.NET-membership or Windows-based authentication
  • Fixed special chars in forum titles for the "topics in a forum" RSS feed
  • Got rid of the » character hardcoding, caused trouble with Chineze and Hindi versions
  • Improved registration engine

.NET Forum 6.5.7 released 3/29/2010

  • WYSIWYG editor improvements

.NET Forum 6.5.6 released 3/24/2010

  • Final fix for the DBNull error. Blind me!

.NET Forum 6.5.5 released 3/23/2010

  • Unread posts tracking improvements
  • Security enhancements
  • Fixed the "object cast from DBNull" error

.NET Forum 6.5.0 released 3/21/2010

  • Hindi-version improvements
  • iPod touch proper detection
  • OpenId improvements (reflection permission exception)
  • General improvements
  • "New topic in a forum" notification now includes the post text also, just the like the "new post in a topic" notification.
  • New flag "Disable RSS" in the web.config that hides all RSS links
  • Unread message tracking - updated topics are shown with a different icon, plus a new report - "topics updated since your last visit"

.NET Forum 6.4.4 released 3/11/2010

  • Improved logout-processing when running the forum with integrated authentication enabled
  • Fixed the "Unable to serialize the session state" when session is configured to us SQL Server
  • iPhone skin improvements

.NET Forum 6.4.3 released 3/7/2010

  • Lots of iPhone version improvements
  • Lots of visual improvements in the admin panel
  • "Nice" password reset result message

.NET Forum 6.4.2 released 3/6/2010

  • iPhone improvements
  • RSS-feed fixes

.NET Forum 6.4.0 released 3/6/2010

  • "Nice" OpenID error handling
  • Improved online users report in the admin area
  • iPhone versions of commonly used pages (homepage, topics list, messages)
  • Performance improvements
  • Caching RSS feed on the server (saves performance)

.NET Forum 6.3.0 released 2/25/2010

  • "Thumbs up/down" - rating/reputation system (optional can be disabled)
  • Slightly improved design
  • Guest posts and posts from deleted users are still shown on "recent posts" page and RSS-feed under "Guest" name
  • Recent forum posts shown on homepage (optional, turned on in web.config)
  • Performance improvements
  • OpenID support!
  • Chinese translation improvements
  • Various little improvements

.NET Forum 6.1.6 released 2/1/2010

  • Fixed the JavaScript-error "myeditor is undefined" when posting a message
  • Fixed SQL-error "ForumIcon is not found" when using MS SQL Express database

.NET Forum 6.1.5 released 1/29/2010

  • Improved "users" page
  • Automatically change page layout to "right-to-left" when a right-to-left language is selected (Arabic, Hindi or Hebrew)
  • Translation improvements
  • General improvements through the app

.NET Forum 6.1.4 released 1/15/2010

  • New message notification fixes
  • Hindi language
  • Russian language

.NET Forum 6.1.3 released 1/13/2010

  • Fixed page numbering in the thread list
  • New language - Arabic
  • The "latest post" date now links to the post itself in both thread list and forum list
  • Lots of performance improvements
  • Ajax-requests redesigned to use ASHX handlers instead of regular pages

.NET Forum 6.1.1 released 1/8/2010

  • Notifications engine fixed
  • Disabled integrated users are not duplicated anymore
  • Fixed javascript error when editing
  • Fixed BBCode [url] tag processing in signatures and messages
  • Quick replies

.NET Forum 6.1.0 released 12/18/2009

  • Redesigned the profile page so the enter key does not delete the avatar but saves the profile being edited
  • Moderator is not notified twice if he's subscribed to a forum/topic
  • Lost-password page improvements
  • Validated XHTML-markup
  • Improved moderator and subscriber notifications (added forum name, proper formatting)
  • Improved error processing
  • Custom icons for forums
  • Improved user-search, improved user-deletion, improved user page navigation
  • Plenty of CSS and design improvements
  • New language: Norwegian
  • Multi-language improvements
  • Captcha rewritten using ashx-handler, which is faster

.NET Forum 6.0.2 released 11/9/2009

  • New web.config option "NotifyModeratorOfNewMessages"
  • Fixed moving threads between forums
  • New feature - prohibiting certain file extensions from being attached to the forum posts
  • New option - allowing guest users to create topics
  • "Administrator" or "Moderator" is now shown next to the user's info in the message list
  • Editor: fixed carriage returns inside a list in IE
  • Fixed preview in Firefox (new-lines)
  • The "recent topics" and "recent posts" pages now show restricted forums to users with permissions
  • Improved the "lost password" and "register" pages
  • Improved SEO-module (fixed the occasional "Length cannot be less than zero" error)

.NET Forum 6.0.1 released 10/12/2009

  • The message "check your email for the activation code" is not shown when activation is disabled.
  • Fixed WYSIWYG-editor formatting
  • Fixed the floating error "unable to cast 'ASP.forum_aspnetforummaster_master'" that appears on some .NET machines
  • Improved for SEO (meta keywords)
  • General improvements

.NET Forum 6.0.0 released 10/2/2009

  • Ctrl+Enter shortcut for posting a forum message and sending a private message
  • Batch user deletion for forum administrators
  • Slightly improved new-post page design
  • Proper redirection after sending a private message
  • List of the groups a user belongs to, on the profile page (for forum-admins only)
  • Improved user-profile page design
  • General minor improvements
  • Empty forum-categories are now hidden from the main forums page
  • Page links are now located both on the page's header and footer
  • Forum thread's list now has page navigation right next to the thread title
  • Added a web.config option to use SHA1-password hashing instead of MD5
  • Improved WYSIWYG editor
  • Fixed "preview" button in private messaging
  • Improved online users counter when integrated authentication is on
  • File-type icons shown next to forum attachments
  • RSS improvements
  • General UI design improvements throughout the application

.NET Forum 5.5.5 released 9/21/2009

  • Improved user deletion routine
  • Fixed WYSIWYG editor - submitting a forum post from the "view source" page
  • Fixed search engine error "incorrect syntax near ?"

.NET Forum 5.5.3 released 9/16/2009

  • Fixed search when searching titles only with date range
  • Fixed some minor MySQL database issues

.NET Forum 5.5.1 released 9/15/2009

  • Confirmation when deleting private messages
  • Fixed search error

.NET Forum 5.5.0 released 9/14/2009

  • Optimized and compressed date javascript
  • Group user list is now sorted
  • Improved forum database engine (cross-db)
  • Fixed Firefox problems when downloading file attachments with spaces in their names
  • Removed unused Javascript
  • Fixed occasional error "Validation of viewstate failed" when posting a forum message
  • Search now looks in the topic subject also
  • Fixed error when opening a members-only topic while not being logged-in

.NET Forum 5.4.5 released 9/8/2009

  • Saving user's last logon date
  • Image attachments thumbnails http handler - seriously improved performance
  • Private messaging fixed

.NET Forum 5.4.2 released 9/1/2009

  • Fixed the "latest topics" RSS feed

.NET Forum 5.4.1 released 8/31/2009

  • "What's going on" section at the bottom - counts users
  • Refactored and optimized codes
  • Faster email engine performance
  • Redesigned UI
  • Faster rendering

.NET Forum 5.3.5 released 8/24/2009

  • Integrated auth logout procedure improved
  • Prevents unneeded browser caching
  • Attachments are now done ashx-handler (much better performance)
  • WYSIWYG-editor for messages (BBCode)
  • Improved color-picker
  • Compressed javascripts - optimized performance
  • Improved CSS

.NET Forum 5.3.0 released 8/10/2009

  • "All users" list ordering preserved when navigating through pages
  • User search
  • Query AD for email (for windows-authenticated users).
  • Null reference exception when using integratedAuthentication with SharePoint
  • Option to enable-disable private messaging in the "web.config"
  • New message/topic notifications for premoderated forums are now sent after approval only
  • Performance improvements
  • Some source-code refactoring, better readability
  • CSS reworked and optimized, some GUI/design improvements
  • After posting a message the user is redirected to the topic-page AND scrolled to the new message

.NET Forum 5.2.9 released 7/24/2009

  • Updated FAQ
  • Fixed profile editor - password changer

.NET Forum 5.2.8 released 7/17/2009

  • CSS-fix: font family
  • Fixed "thread aborted" error when downloading forum attachments
  • Improved main RSS feed - now includes the topic subjects

.NET Forum 5.2.7 released 6/30/2009

  • Fixed the "Input string was not in correct format" when using integrated auth with cookies
  • "Forum-groups" renamed to "categories" for convenience
  • Fixed "specified cast is not valid" error when accessing deep subforums under MySQL

.NET Forum 5.2.6 released 6/28/2009

  • Fixed the "remember me" cookie
  • Admin can now explicitly set user passwords
  • Avatar editing improved

.NET Forum 5.2.5 released 6/25/2009

  • Fixed possible FormatException when logging-in with cookie
  • Improved forum design
  • Subforums topic count fixed
  • Fixed possible error "Input String was not in correct format" with integratedAuthentication is on
  • Security improvements

.NET Forum 5.2.0 released 6/12/2009

  • Fixed "the forum '' is for authenticated users only" msg
  • Proper avatar caching when using "integrated auth"
  • Meta tags fix (appeared on some servers)
  • Dutch translation fixes
  • Message text is sent in forum/topic notifications
  • Message text is sent in PM notifications
  • Unapproved post list guest-posts bug fixed

.NET Forum 5.1.4 released 5/24/2009

  • "Remember me" checkbox xp/vista style
  • Option to restrict topic creation to moderators only
  • Nice "members only" error message that allows entering user/psw right away
  • RSS performance improvements
  • Private message file-attachments
  • Profile Editor improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Fixed top "move to a forum" button
  • Option to set the forum's URL (for email notifications signature) manually (useful for "behind the firewall/proxy" environments)

.NET Forum 5.1.3 released 5/12/2009

  • SQL injection protection improved
  • Minor MySQL fixes
  • Sortable forum-users list
  • Adjustable avatar size (in web.config)
  • Youtube video integration BBCode
  • Language fixes
  • Avatar setting fixed
  • "Add reply" link at the top of the forum
  • Members-only forums are now hidden from the mainpage for guest-users

.NET Forum 5.1.2 released 4/20/2009

  • Bottom breadcrumb in the topics list
  • Manual user creation - md5-password + email check
  • SEO-optimizations: dynamic meta-tags
  • Delete confirmations (moderatorial)
  • Bugfix: when search query contains "?" sign
  • [Quote] tag BBCode improvement
  • MySQL setup script fixes
  • IP Address logging

.NET Forum 5.1.1 released 4/3/2009

  • recent posts and recent topics (and RSS feeds) now handle reading permissions correctly
  • disabled users are not in the users list
  • delete topics if the last message is deleted
  • "replies" renamed to "posts"
  • profile "homepage" opened in new window
  • non activated users list - now sorted by name
  • "email all users" tool
  • avatar caching logout fix
  • seo improvements
  • guest post moderator complain handled correctly
  • "complain" button not shown to guests
  • jquery update
  • popup datepicker in search

.NET Forum 5.1.0 released 2/25/2009

  • The "sorry the forum is for members-only" label is fixed
  • Profile editor improvements
  • List of unapproved posts for moderator
  • Report to moderator feature
  • Source-code refactoring - better architecture
  • Case-insensitive BBCode

.NET Forum 5.0 released 2/12/2009

  • New GUI
  • XSS security improvements
  • Fixed RSS feeds when the forum has "&" in it's title
  • No extra-notification sent when a message being edited
  • New topic/post notification link to the actual topic/post
  • Permissions fix: when a forum has posting-only permissions, other users are still able to read it
  • Tons of minor improvements

.NET Forum 4.9.1 released 2/2/2009

  • Fixed "potentially dangerous" error in private messaging
  • added a captcha to the "lost password" page
  • fixed "x" button to remove attachment in post editor
  • upload multiple files at a time when adding a post

.NET Forum 4.9.0 released 1/18/2009

  • General improvements and optimized performance
  • Shows subj when replying
  • Password recovery message globalized
  • Smilies setting ("AllowSmilies") in the web.config
  • Recent users list sorted by name
  • Group-based security fixes and performance improvements
  • File attachments now check group security
  • XHTML conformance fixes
  • Fixed error: "Length cannot be less than zero." on some systems
  • Profile editor XSS fix
  • AJAXed preview improvements
  • AJAXed add/remove attachments when editing a post
  • Updated jQuery

.NET Forum 4.8.8 released 12/11/2008

  • Subforums fix
  • Security improvements
  • "AllowSmilies" new setting
  • Refactored source code
  • General improvements

.NET Forum 4.8.6 released 11/24/2008

  • logout error fixed when using nested masterpages
  • fixed preview under Mozilla Firefox
  • updated version of jQuery
  • restricted subforums are hidden from guest users

.NET Forum 4.8.5 released 11/18/2008

  • Improved security in members-only forums
  • proper logout processing when using integrated authentication
  • hidden logout button when using integrated authentication
  • editable topic subject when editing the first message in a topic
  • forumgroups masterpage fixed
  • right-to-left UI fixes (when using in Arabic or Hebrew languages
  • AJAX-ed preview (which does not clear attachments)
  • Fixed NullReference error when forum is deleted

.NET Forum 4.8.4 released 11/5/2008

  • Fixed error "The best overloaded method has some invalid arguments"
  • Improved private messages engine

.NET Forum 4.8.3 released 11/2/2008

  • improved thread list performance
  • some source code refactoring
  • button for adding the [quote] tags
  • breadcrumb subforums navigation
  • subforums correct ordering
  • recent topics empty with some versions of access - fixed
  • 4000 chars message body limit removed
  • Polish language
  • Session variable cast error fixed
  • filter bad words in subject
  • on-the-fly thumbnails for image file type attachment
  • RSS improvements
  • Source codes are now shipped in Visual Studio 2008 format
  • forumgroups editor fixed

.NET Forum 4.8.2 released 9/14/2008

  • added error messages when max file size exceeded
  • search date validation improved
  • case insensitive SEO URLs
  • improved Portuguese translation
  • fixed email uniqueness checks when registering a new user
  • moderator improvements
  • ban by IP feature
  • improved users-list paging
  • agree to rules when registering a new user
  • XSS protection improvements
  • forum-groups editor
  • no domain in username when quoting
  • autofocus inputs when replying

.NET Forum 4.8.1 released 8/9/2008

  • "last post" is displayed in the subforums list
  • admin panel UI improvements
  • optimized performance
  • reopen a closed topic
  • security improvements
  • fixed colorpicker and smilies popups in FireFox

.NET Forum 4.7.9 released 7/24/2008

  • updated manual
  • admins can see users emails in the users list
  • moderator is always notified of a new topic or message
  • disabled username changing when integrated auth is on
  • confirm forum deletion
  • improved session refresher

.NET Forum 4.7.8 released 7/11/2008

  • Prevents Session-timeout when typing long messages (Javascript "pinger" running in the background)
  • Fixed password recovery under MySQL
  • Users list is ordered by names
  • Correct enter-key processing on the register page

.NET Forum 4.7.7 released 7/8/2008

  • Some bot-protection improvements
  • Disabled username editing when the "integrated authentication" feature is on.

.NET Forum 4.7.6 released 6/22/2008

  • Added new web.config setting to debug email error messages
  • fixed notification emails URL which was wrong under some circumstances

.NET Forum 4.7.5 released 6/19/2008

  • Polls
  • improved forum topic and message deletion
  • reworked read permission engine: a forum is free-for-all to READ until you assign a READ-permission to some group (no matter if the forum has POST permissions assigned already)
  • Chinese Traditional language
  • General improvements

.NET Forum 4.7.3 released 6/8/2008

  • new (not activated) users list in the forum admin panel
  • improved forum and user deletion procedure
  • "wrong username/pass" message
  • masterpage rtl Firefox fix
  • updated manual

.NET Forum 4.7.2 released 5/18/2008

  • Italian language
  • Updated manual
  • Exception-less spam protection
  • My-profile link
  • Guest forum posts captcha
  • Notifications improvements (last page link)

.NET Forum 4.7.1 released 5/3/2008

  • Portuguese language
  • "My profile" navigation link
  • Improved CSS in FAQ
  • Notification email links to the last page
  • Search, Register page titles
  • BBCode support: color, sizing, "code"
  • Improved forum message editor

.NET Forum 4.7.0 released 4/15/2008

  • Fixed exception when being used on "partially trusted" websites
  • Improved "remember me" cookie processing
  • Admin panel minor fixes
  • Ordering forums in the list (by a custom number)
  • General improvements

.NET Forum 4.6.11 released 4/6/2008

  • Improved SEO URLs
  • "Members only" forum option

.NET Forum 4.6.9 released 4/1/2008

  • removable version label
  • improved async mail sender
  • SEO-friendly forum URLs (along with topic URLs)
  • rename-able login button
  • improved private messenger

.NET Forum 4.6.7 released 3/14/2008

  • Improved paging when non using SEO-friendly URLs
  • Performance improvements

.NET Forum 4.6.5 released 3/11/2008

  • Case-insensitive bad words filter
  • Posting to a premoderated forum error fixed
  • topics.aspx query-string injection error fixed

.NET Forum 4.6.4 released 3/6/2008

  • updated manual
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Fixed error with disabled notifications
  • Danish, French languages
  • Search hidden forums according to the user's rights
  • Correct URL in notifications when website uses custom port
  • Moderator does not have to approve his posts :)
  • General improvements

.NET Forum 4.6.0 released 2/11/2008

  • Forum title fix (SEO purposes)
  • Security improvements
  • List of Admin users
  • "Last two week most active users" report
  • Addpost.aspx optimizations
  • Admin can edit profiles
  • Configurable avatar path (for advanced users)
  • "domain\username" display issue fixed

.NET Forum 4.5.8 released 1/19/2008

  • Clickable avatar
  • tiny password bug fixed
  • Turkish language improvements
  • Fixed error "posting allowed only to authenticated user" which popped incorrectly from time to time
  • Option to notify admins of new users

.NET Forum 4.5.7 released 1/8/2008

  • Turkish language
  • Performance improvements
  • Error "Invalid column name 'Username'" fixed

.NET Forum 4.5.5 released 12/24/2007

  • German language
  • Private forums are hidden from the main page now if the current user has no permissions

.NET Forum 4.5.4 released 12/15/2007

  • Swedish language for the forum
  • Localized email notifications
  • New setting: new users are created disabled/enabled by default
  • Hashed password storage improved

.NET Forum 4.5.2 released 12/12/2007

  • x64 forum compatibility

.NET Forum 4.5.1 released 12/11/2007

  • Fixed "invalid cast" when displaying an empty forum
  • Improved replies counter

.NET Forum 4.5.0 released 12/9/2007

  • Hashed password storage (backward compatible)
  • when replying, previous forum messages are sorted in descending order
  • unapproved msgs are not shown
  • fixed "read/write protected memory" error when quoting
  • message length check
  • enable/disable email activation in "web.config"
  • FAQ-page for end-users
  • Forum signatures for users
  • "nofollow" attribute for external links

.NET Forum 4.4.3 released 11/23/2007

  • Possible authentication integration with container applications (see the manual)
  • Improved mail-sender
  • Editing guest-posts bug fixed
  • Spanish language improvements, Dutch language improvements
  • Admin area is now also multilingual

.NET Forum 4.4.1 released 11/19/2007

  • Improved database installation (now the forum fully utilizes the "App_Data" ASP.NET folder and does not require editing file permissions during setup)
  • SQL Express 2005 ready-to-use MDF-file
  • Deleting personal messages after reading it
  • Updated manual
  • Improved email-integration

.NET Forum 4.4.0 released 11/16/2007

  • Multilingual - this ASP.NET forum is now localizable using resources. Spanish and Dutch languages are included by default, more languages to come.
  • New "Activate user" administrative function
  • User-list fixed

.NET Forum 4.3.8 released 11/4/2007

  • Bad words filter for the forum
  • Improved SQL scripts for MySQL
  • Better MS SQL Server operation
  • Forum thread views counter
  • The "recent posts" page does not show unapproved threads in premoderated forums
  • More general fixes

.NET Forum 4.3.7 released 10/10/2007

  • minor GUI improvements
  • file-attachments are allowed by default
  • fixed error "invalid cast exception" when using the forum with MySQL database

.NET Forum 4.3.5 released 10/2/2007

  • Fixed error "Invalid object name ForumSubForums"
  • Better RSS autodiscovery (recent forum topics, recent forum posts)
  • New feature - close a topic

.NET Forum 4.3.0 released 9/18/2007

  • Permalink moved to the upper bar
  • Forum name is now added to the title of the message-list (for SEO purposes)
  • Shows a number of unread private messages on top
  • An error message when adding a forum with no group
  • previous messages list on the "add reply" page

.NET Forum 4.2.7 released 9/8/2007

  • Proper "lost password" processing when using MySQL
  • Proper activation URL processing when username contains spaces
  • Current page is highlighted

.NET Forum 4.2.6 released 8/24/2007

  • "Permalinks" for forum posts
  • Nvarchar datatype for MS SQL database
  • "recently updated topics" report
  • general improvements

.NET Forum 4.2.3 released 8/6/2007

  • Avatar refresh on update
  • private messages link corrected
  • improved security
  • other general improvements

.NET Forum 4.2.2 released 7/31/2007

  • Profile editing and private messaging improvements

.NET Forum 4.2.1 released 7/31/2007

  • Fixed "This constraint cannot be enabled" error
  • After sending a private message a user is now redirected to the forum homepage

.NET Forum 4.2.0 released 7/27/2007

  • MySQL setup script fix
  • File uploads
  • minor improvements (smaller viewstate size, CSS-accuracy and many more)

.NET Forum 4.1.2 released 7/23/2007

  • Some minor fixes
  • it is now possible to remove the login/password inputs from the forum masterpage without getting any errors

.NET Forum 4.1.0 released 7/20/2007

  • "Sticky notes" feature
  • XHTML-conformant
  • Modified stylesheeets to be more "compatible" with other websites (all styling is now in classes, not in elements)

.NET Forum 4.0.2 released 6/19/2007

  • Avatar feature
  • new look
  • improved admin panel
  • traffic optimizations
  • RSS ampersand XML-error fixed

.NET Forum 3.3.0 released 5/31/2007

  • Subforums
  • Some search-engine issues fixed
  • Permission module fixed
  • Input-validation improvements
  • Removed some obsolete settings from the web.config

.NET Forum 3.2.3 released 5/16/2007

  • Update password fixed
  • Search page does not show restricted forums

.NET Forum 3.2.2 released 5/14/2007

  • Improved "recent posts" report when using MySQL-version
  • Fixed "syntax error" when registering new user under MS Access

.NET Forum 3.2.0 released 5/10/2007

  • Full support of MySQL
  • Slightly improved look
  • "Group" column in "ForumGroups" table renamed to "GroupName" for compatibility reasons
  • Several security issues fixed
  • Update manual and MySQL connection string sample

.NET Forum 3.1.2 released 4/19/2007

  • Configurable SMTP-server Port
  • New look of the editor form
  • Improved performance of the email engine
  • 64-bit issues

.NET Forum 3.1.0 released 4/16/2007

  • Data-provider independent
  • Slightly different CSS-style
  • Empty data validation
  • Captcha fix when using app_themes

.NET Forum 3.0.0 released 3/15/2007

  • ASP.NET 2.0 MasterPages
  • Email verification
  • Code optimizations
  • Updated manual
  • and more...

.NET Forum 2.3.1 released 1/30/2007

  • "Recent forum messages" feed shows only FFA forums
  • Improved profile editor (dupe logins check)
  • Captcha engine is now SE-crawler friendly (does not throw errors to crawlers)

.NET Forum 2.2.0 released 12/12/2006

  • User groups, group permissions (closed forums for group members only)
  • "New topic in a forum" notifications
  • Improved admin panel
  • Moderatorial feature - "move topic to another forum"

.NET Forum 2.0.2 released 12/6/2006

  • Fixed a number of "Attempted to read or write protected memory" interoperability errors.

.NET Forum 2.0.0 released 11/15/2006

  • Inserting images into posts
  • Automatic link conversion
  • Better performance
  • Preview when posting
  • Smilies! :)

.NET Forum 1.8.1 released 8/17/2006

  • Added "delete user" administrator feature
  • Fixed RSS feed when a topic has no messages

.NET Forum 1.8 released 8/14/2006

  • RSS support (feeds for forums, topics, all recent posts)
  • "Captcha" image to protect from spammers
  • Pager visual bug fixed

.NET Forum 1.7.1 released 7/7/2006

  • Added "Recent posts" page
  • Slightly redesigned look ("logout", "edit profile" buttons are moved to the user's section etc.)
  • Improved configuration reader (for error-free reverse compatibility with previous versions) etc.

.NET Forum 1.6.3 released 7/5/2006

  • Added an option to sort the messages in descending order (to have the most recent posts show first)

.NET Forum 1.6.2 released 6/30/2006

  • Added "lost password recovery" feature
  • Improved multi-threaded email-notifications engine

.NET Forum 1.5.2 released 5/19/2006

  • Fixed the "Multiple-step OLE DB operation generated errors" error when approving a message in a premoderated forum

.NET Forum 1.5 released 3/23/2006

  • Added "AllowGuestPosts" flag in web.config. The flag allows unregistered users postings
  • Added "View posts by user" page
  • Added "List of all users" page
  • Fixed another NET 2.0 error, when logging in from "messages.aspx" page.

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