Help Desk Project Management

Our web-based help desk software application can be used not only to track support tickets from your customers, but also to manage projects inside your helpdesk team. The app has everything a powerful project management tool needs: notifications, project statuses, time-tracking, due-dates etc. etc.

Create project categories, add project members, assign projects to users, search and filter your projects - it's all here.

In fact, we use the hosted version of our help desk app to track our own projects inside the Jitbit Software team. For instance, it makes it really easy to transform a feature-request ticket from a customer into a project devoted to adding the feature requested. And when the project is finished we can simply inform the customer that it's done - all in the same place.

How to manage projects with Jitbit Helpdesk

If you already use our help desk, then you are probably familiar with the basic concepts: there's "ticket categories" and there are special users (we call them "technicians"), who have permissions to handle tickets in specific categories. If you want to manage projects in your Helpdesk, think of categories as projects, tickets as tasks and techs as project members.

Since project management is not the main helpdesk use case, you may think that it won't make up for a convenient project management app, but if you think about it, we have all the features you may need:

  • Notifications. Every project member will get notifications about every new task and about changes in the existing tasks they follow. Project members can choose what tasks to subscribe too.
  • Time tracking. Log spent time to every task and then see it in reports.
  • Due dates. Set due dates to tasks to avoid missing deadlines.
  • Calendar view. See all your tasks on a calendar, using daily/monthly/weekly views in the "Reports" section. Use "drag and drop" to instantly update tickets' "due-dates".
  • Custom statuses. You can add more specific statuses besides the default "new", "in progress" and "closed" ones.
  • Custom fields. Every project has a specific set of properties. Custom fields let you create those properties.
  • Sub-tickets. You can break down a "parent" ticket into multiple "subtickets" (and every subticket can have more subtickets of its own) and navigate the prent-child "treeview".
  • Linking tickets. You can link related tasks (AKA tickets) with each other and quickly navigate the "linked tickets" list
  • Integration. Integrate your helpdesk tickets with external project-managements software, like Harvest, Trello etc. We also support Zaiper-integration so you can integrate with literally every app you can imagine

Helpdesk PRODUCT management

We've recently added a new cool feature called "Ideas forum" where your users can suggest improvements and vote for them. You can track these suggestions, post replies, move "ideas" between many statuses, like "considering", "implementing" or "declined". Please check this link for a detailed description of this feature.

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