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Basecamp integration
Jitbit Helpdesk Basecamp integration
Customer Support Course: Day 1 of 4 - The basics
Basics of customer support - chapter 1 from our customer support course.
Customer Support Course: Day 2 of 4 - Replying to tickets
Replying to support requests - chapter 2 from our customer support course.
Customer Support Course: Day 3 - Replying to tickets - part duex
Advanced replying to support requests - chapter 3 from our customer support course.
Customer Support Course: Day 4 - Ease your pain
Great customer support tips and tricks - chapter 4 from our customer support course.
Help Desk Dashboard
Jitbit's ticket dashboard help identify problems right away
Help Desk Software For Facilities Management
Facilities Management requires a fast and reliable case-management software just as other industries
Help Desk Software for Higher Education
Higher education institutions have to handle questions coming from both students and the outsiders. Ticket tracking is a requirement.
Help Desk Software for ISP Companies
ISP companies deal with thousands of customers while typically having small support teams. Categorizing and prioritizing incoming requests plays a key role in their business process.
Help Desk Software for Multiple Clients
If your company has more than one client you HAVE no other choice but to categorise and track incoming cases.
Do You Need Help Desk Software for Mac?
Using a Mac? Not a problem if your helpdesk software is web-based - accessible from every possible platform.
Harvest Integration
A manual to set up Harvest integration with Jitbit Helpdesk
Hipchat integration
Set up an integration with Hipchat to receive notifications about new Helpdesk tickets instantly instantly
Help Desk Software For LAN
Your LAN needs a support-software, so your user can easily connect to it and submit their issues
Help Desk Software For Lotus Notes
Many companies have used Lotus-Notes based support software being afraid to switch to something more modern.
Help Desk Software for Maintenance
Maintenance can have its issues - something can go wrong even with a stable system. This is when you need to report and register the issue
Top Reasons To Choose On-premises Help Desk Software
How to decide if you need SaaS or on-premises helpdesk software?
How Implementing A Help Desk Represents An Investment in Company's Future: Robe Case Study
Helpdesk case study: learn how Robe (a hardware manufacturer) uses Jitbit SaaS help desk for its customer support and maintenance teams
Stripe Integration
Stripe integration with Jitbit allows you to see customer information in Jitbit profiles
Ticket Templates in Jitbit Help Desk
Support ticket templates: instructions and use cases
How Implementing a Help Desk Enhances Customer Service: VARGO Case Study on Managing Support Requests
Helpdesk case study: learn how Vargo solutions uses Jitbit SaaS help desk for its customer support