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Live support software for websites. Simple to install, easy to use. Deliver personal support to your website visitors and customers in real time.

Live chat is now included in our Helpdesk app app. It has been discontinued as a stand-alone application. Read the official announcement here


Unbeatable pricing!Cheap live support software

Not priced per "agent"! The price tag is the total amount you pay monthly. You even get unlimited agents on the "Company" plan. Similar systems are priced around $30 per operator! Our chat app is much cheaper. Check the pricing


SaaS chat applicationHosted in the cloud, no hardware headaches

Real "software as a service" - the software is hosted on our cloud servers at Amazon's datacenters in North Virginia and California, 24x7 monitoring, everyday backups. We keep your data even if your account expires!


Custom domainUse your own address

Set up the application on your own domain, like "". Easy to set up, integrates with your website.


Secure and reliableYour information is safe with us

Your connection to the chat application is protected by SSL, the server's disks are encrypted and the cloud technology makes us immune to hardware failures.


Neat and straightforwardBut has everything you need

We are focused on usability, absolutely no learning curve involved. However we have all the features you expect from a live support app: sound-alerts, desktop notification (requires Chrome, Safari or a special addon for Firefox), real time events.


Simple & fastYou're gonna love it

"Your chat application is so clean... It took me 10 seconds to integrate it into my website!" - Joe Littlefield, one of our customers.

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Jitbit Live Chat is a new real-time customer support solution that will help you talk to your visitors directly. Remove any confusion from the start and turn more visitors into customers.

Why do you need a live chat?

  • It increases sales and conversions. Your visitors will have an option to immediately talk to a real person, who can walk them through a purchase process or help them with any other problem, and that's a huge conversion booster.
  • It is convenient for your visitors and customers. When visitors become confused, they want to get help in the moment and without leaving the web page they are on. You really should give them this opportunity.
  • It is cheap. It doesn't cost much to get a live chat on your company's website and it will likely cut down on overall support expenses.
  • It will help you improve your website and products You will immediately get a great insight into your website flaws. The chat tool provides a direct access to visitors' pain point. Trust us, it is better than any analytics software you can get.

Why Jitbit?

  • Simple and straightforward. Simplicity has been our traditional focus with all our apps. Jitbit Chat software comes with absolutely no learning curve
  • Easy to install. Just add two lines of javascript code to your website and you are all set. It takes five minutes to bring a whole new level of customer support to your company
  • Reliable. Contemporary technologies we use help us to to provide you with the most reliable software. We are sure that not a single message will be lost.
  • Safe. We know how to handle your data, because we have been doing it for years. We back up everything, we scale well and our servers a lightning fast.

Chat features at a glance

  • Sound alerts, desktop notifications - when someone sends you a message or starts a new chat - you hear a sound and see a notification in your system tray (tray notification requires HTML5-compatible browser)
  • Online agents tracking - the app tracks which of your agents are online and shows prompts to the user and other operators
  • Real-time performance - the chat app uses "Web-Sockets" - the latest web technology that supports full-duplex real-time communications. If the client's browser does not support it - the app simply falls back to an older way of polling the server. In any case, the communication happens in real-time.
  • Searchable archive - all chats are stored in the system for your convenience, you review any customer's history.
  • Integrates with existing websites - by adding just one line of Javascript

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