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JitBit LiveChat is a popular real-time customer support plug-in that is designed to fit seamlessly into any existing site/CMS. The live chat plugin for website owners will turn visitors into loyal and long lasting customers. Unlike other chat programs that can be complicated to use and install JitBit is so simple, anyone can do it.

To install the plugin, simply sign up and copy-paste one line of Javascript to your existing page and you are ready to offer a brand new, high-level customer support system to your clientele. You'll find the actual JavaScript code snippet in the chat-application admin area.

We have designed the software from the ground up to be customer friendly, simple to use and completely reliable. Most importantly, it is safe and blazing fast. The entire program is hosted in the cloud using Amazon’s top-notch datacenters. There is no reason not to use a live chat plugin for website visitors to connect with you.

Our pricing is designed to work for your budget. We do not charge sky-high prices per operator you would like to use. We consider that gouging. Instead, we offer a low, flat rate monthly price that lets you have as many agents as you like helping your visitors. Offer fast, secure and reliable SaaS services to your clients today. The JitBit live chat plugin for website owners is a must have, try it today!

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