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Chat Support Software is a must these days

SaaS software is becoming the industry standard for every major company on the net today. Up till now however, only major companies could afford to have a live staff available and implement the complex software required to offer such a service on their websites. JitBit changes all that. Now any business owner, large or small, can afford to implement top quality, secure live chat support software for their site in minutes.

JitBit has all the bases covered. You want an affordable, secure, fast, reliable and easy to use live chat support software solution. That can be a tall order for most companies and if you do manage to find someone who can do it all, it's going to cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Not so with JitBit! Drop in a couple of lines of javascript into your existing web pages and you are up and running. It really is that easy.

JitBit's live support software is super secure, using cutting edge security protocols to ensure you data remains visible only to whom you intended it for. It's super fast and backed by Amazon's million dollar datacenters, you know it's going to be reliable. All of this is offered at JitBit's low cost monthly flat fee. Get JitBit today!

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