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What Is Live Help Software and What Can It Do for You?

"Live Help Software" is also known as "live chat software" and "live support software." You use it to provide many forms of support to your clients. For instance, you use it to provide shopping support, customer service support or technical support.

Shopping Support

Imagine a customer is looking at your website. They are getting confused about the different options for your product and if they could get some immediate help, there's a good chance they might buy from you. But if they can't get the immediate help, then they will go to another website with less confusing options. Now imagine there's a widget using live help software on the side of the page that asks them if they need help. They click on it and are able to chat live with one of your support agents. They get the answers they need and then they buy the product.

Customer Service Support

The same customer waits over a week for the delivery of the product. They come back to your site and are kind of angry because they've waited so long. They click on that same help widget and are able to chat with a customer service agent. That agent is able to give them a quick discount because they found out that the product shipped a day late. This makes the customer happy with your customer service. It is likely they will come to your site for more of your product.

Technical Support

The package arrives. The customer opens the package and pulls out you product. They read the instructions on how to put it together. Everything goes great until they try to turn it on. Nothing happens. They know that the little help widget has been a good thing to do in the past, so they go back to the website and click it again. They are now able to talk live with a technical support agent. That agent pulls up info on the product and asks the customer to go through the steps he did on putting it together. The agent points out a little flaw with where a the customer installed a particular screw. The customer fixes the screw and comes back to tell the agent it worked. He thanks the agent and is once again happy with your customer service. And because of the help, he's happy with your product also.

JitBit Live Chat

So now you know that you should have a live chat so you can handle support for your customers. But which one should you use? A great answer is JitBit Live Chat. It's a good fit for you because it's simple to use with only a few lines of code to "install" on your website. It's also reliable. It's based in the cloud and Amazon's data centers keep it running 24 hours a day. It's secure because it uses SSL encryption. Your business needs good live help software. JitBit Live Chat is the best fit.

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