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What is Live Chat Software

"Live Chat Software" (also known as "live support software" or "live help software") is a type of online chat applications used to provide technical assistance to your website-visitors - users and customers.

"Online chat" is simply a kind of messaging service over the Internet that offers real-time, direct transmission of the messages.

Jitbit's Live Chat is a web-based online support system where both operators (technical support staff) and customers use a web-browser to send and receive messages. Also, our web-based chat app allows adding a chat widget to a website.

Chat through a website

When a website visitor clicks this widget - a chat-window opens and your "operators" (technical support agents) are being notified that a customer wants to start a chat session.

The app tracks all operators "online" status and if everyone happens to be offline (wchi is not something you should want) - the app prompts the user about this

After that, an operator "takes" the chat (so it moves from the "new chats" queue to the "in progress queue") and continues the conversation with the customer, answering his questions in real-time. When the issue has been resolved, the chat-history moves to the "closed chats" archive that can be searched and reviewed later.

Modern technologies

Jitbit utilizes the newest technologies in the chat app: Websockets, HTML5 and the modern "SignalR" ASP.NET library. It also uses a so-called "HTML5 desktop notifications" module to notify your operators about the new chat-requests even if they're looking away from their browser window. This feature displays a tray-notification that looks like a built-in operating system feature no matter if you're on Windows or Mac OS X. Sound notifications are also a must for any chat app and Jitbit is no exception.

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