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Why do you need a chat app

Nothing looks more professional to your web visitors than the option to speak with you directly. Offering real-time chat to web site visitors used to be complicated and pricey. Not any more and not with JitBit. Our live chat software allows you to turn simple visitors into loyal customers by connecting with them in real-time and offering solutions instead of aggravation.

You have no idea know how many questions people have until you install a chat app and talk to them.

Hosted in the cloud

JitBit is hosted entirely in the cloud, so you don't have to worry about hardware failures or mishaps. You can do whatever you like to your site and JitBit will be there for you. Our live chat app for websites is designed to be super easy to install. Simply drop a couple lines of javascript into the pages you want the app to appear on, and you are ready to go. It can literally take seconds. No system requirements, no complicated installation procedures.

You can be sure you and your clients info remains secure as all the information is sent via SSL in encrypted form. It's fast too! We use Amazon's servers in California and Virginia so no matter where your visitor is from, we can connect them quickly. Most importantly, it's super easy to use. There is no learning curve involved, just drop it in and you are ready to go. Check out JitBit's live chat software for websites today!

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