Cloud based Support Ticket System

Jitbit Hosted Helpdesk is a cloud based support ticket system that has all the features you may need. We hope it will help you to stay on top of your customer support needs. To read all about the features and benefits you'll get go to this page: Hosted Helpdesk. To learn additional details keep on reading.

Why cloud based?

We have both online (hosted) and on-premise versions of helpdesk. Often potential customers ask for recommendations of which version to choose. We always recommend to go with the hosted version and here are the three main reasons why:

  • Server maintanance is taken care of. Servers are hard to maintain – there will be performance issues, downtimes, viruses etc. You will need to have a dedicated employee to keep it all together. It costs money, as well as server software licenses.
  • You will always have the latest version. We deploy fixes, improvements and new features daily. It could be weeks until we release a new version to the self-hosted customers. You don't need to wait that long until we fix that annoying bug, if you use the hosted version.
  • There is no catch. Seriously, you don't loose anything if you go with the hosted helpdesk instead of the on-premise one. They are identical feature-wise. They cost about the same, especially if you throw in software license and sys-admin's salary.
  • Still perfectly integrates with your on-premise systems - you can even use Windows-integrated authentication

For the record, we do ship a "self-hosted" helpdesk ticketing system if you prefer one.

Cloud based features

Here is a list of features you absolutely have to have in a saas ticketing system. All of them, as well as many others, are implemented in Jitbit Helpdesk.

  • Two-way email integration. Helpdesk creates tickets from every email you receive to your support mailbox. It also notifies your team members and customers about new replies in tickets.
  • Knowledge base and FAQ. Let your customers help themselves with a customizable self-service portal.
  • Live chat with your website visitors
  • SLA and ITIL automation module - sends alerts or even performs tasks for you on a schedule/trigger
  • Conversation history. You can easily find all previous tickets and conversation history from a particular customer.
  • Search. You will often need to find tickets which were closed a while ago. With our full-text search you can do that quickly.
  • File attachments. Chances are you customers send you a lot of various files. Jitbit Helpdesk imports them all from email messages into tickets, so that you can always find them.

Start the free cloud based support ticket system trial today and check it out for yourself.

Cloud or self-hosted?

Jitbit's offers two solutions for your help desk needs - a traditional server-based support ticketing system and a cloud based ticket system - the cloud help desk. There are merits to both systems (or else we wouldn't offer both), but we ourselves use our own cloud-hosted help desk for it's simplicity and security. The weak link in any security system is nearly always the human factor and most breeches come from rotten apples within your company. Putting your clients and customers details on the watertight Amazon servers Jitbit uses (see where is my helpdesk hosted?) makes it almost impossible for them to be compromised or lost. Come on, the Pentagon itself uses the cloud! If that doesn't tell you it's the most secure option nothing will! You will never have any fears that your data can be lost as Jitbit runs a double barrelled back-up policy. Every day your help desk database is backed up and the entire server is also backed up to another machine as a disc image (see our hosted helpdesk backup policy). We take your security seriously!

Automating your customer support systems is one of the quickest and most effective ways for you to streamline your workflow. A help desk is the number one tool to make this happen and help desk software hosted in the cloud means your IT department will be working to their full capacity supporting your clients technical needs rather than keeping your help desk software running smoothly and without any glitches. Why? Well, a cloud based system is located on your hosts servers on the internet which means your IT team never have to deal with upgrades, backing up of data or technical issues with the software – that is all taken care of by us, the hosts. We won't come over and give your tech team a hug when they're down, but we'll take care of everything else!

Help Desk software Hosted For You

The benefits of having your help desk software hosted by someone like Jitbit extend far beyond simplicity though. Unless you have your support team gaffer taped to their desks day and night you will want to access your helpdesk on the move. Hosting in the cloud means you and your staff will have access literally anywhere and at any time – all that is needed is an internet enabled device, be that a laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. The ability to be on the button and offering support as soon as a problem arises is the kind of service that sets you out from the crowd. Jitbit have realised that more of our clients are using their mobiles to respond to tickets so we've applied “responsive web design” to alter the appearance of the app depending on what kind of device you open it on. In order to make for a much more intuitive smartphone experience we've rolled up our sleeves and dived into the code to rework the login screen, knowledge base, tickets list and the ticket page. There's nothing for you to do other than open your SaaS help desk on your phone or any other device and get stuck in. We're very proud of this new feature and hope it makes your experience a much more pleasurable one.

To see this in action simply sign up for our free trial and get started straight away. We'll even extend that trial if you're still not sure it's the help desk for you.

So if you're looking for a secure, clean and simple solution to your customer service management we seriously suggest you take a look at our free trial. We're confident you'll never look back!

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